Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scribe for period 2

Hey Everyone!!! :)
Today in class we were all excited to have Mrs. Smith back in class and to have our laptops too! The first thing we did was take our last grammar quiz of the year on colons, semicolons, itilicizing, and quotation marks. Then we had different people play the roles of the characters in Romeo and Juliet and they read the beginning of the first Act. In the part that we read some Capulets were just walking when they got into a fight with some Montegues. Then tons more people joined in on fight. Finally the prince of Verona had to come and break up the fight. Next we watched two Romeo and Juliet movies. Just like we did with Macbeth. The first movie was like the old fashioned one that Mrs. Smith said she watched when she was reading Romeo and Juliet. The second one was, as Mrs. Smith says, the "ghetto" one. This one was more modern with guns instead of swords. That's basicaly all we did today. The homework is... I don't think there is any.
Anyway have a good night and see you tomorrow :)


Gerrit Eicker said...


Read about your class and blog in the German magazine "brand eins" a minute ago. I'm glad to hear there's a lot of meaningful shifting going on in your class and school. Enjoy!


Kim said...

It sounds like you pack a lot into your class period. It sounds very interesting and exciting. You must really enjoy this class from the sounds of things. Too bad more teachers aren't like Mrs. Smith!