Monday, April 14, 2008

Scribe For April 14th

We started this b-e-a-utiful Monday affternoon no different than usual---- Hello Ms. Smith, talked about the rest of the week, classes next year, all that fun stuff.

It was one exciting day playing $1984 Pyramid! Cate, Maddie, and Alex put on a wonderful presentation by having the class get with a partner and play Pyramid. You could see the excitement many people had for the game. Being partners with Maddie H., there was never a boring minute. I'm guessing you could hear her enthusiasm from the corners of the room. It turned out that Maddie's enthusiasm really payed off when her group won the delicous candy at the end.

It was a hard game but led to an excellent discussion of the big question: Is O'Brian trustworthy? Several factors came up in duscussion such as: If he is untrustworthy, will Winston take the chance to find out? Is he really numb to the idea of death? Smith stated how it is much easier for Winston and Julia to say they aren't afraid of death than when they will actually be faced with it. Becky also mentioned how if they were truly un-afraid of thier inevitable death, then why are they trying to hide thier rebellion?

An overall exceptional discussion, well done everyone.

Read 167-224 and answer the bolg question
QUIZ sometime this week, probably Wednesday

(Please excuse how late my scribe is, technical difficulties, you know how it is)

-Ashely F

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