Monday, April 14, 2008

Period Two Scribe

Today was monday.....
But it was a good monday. Class started with a grammer quiz on punctuation placement, fragment sentences, and run-on sentences. The quiz took only about 10 minutes at the beginning of class. After the grammer quiz, we started the fishbowl for pages 147-167.

The group leading class had some technical difficulties with their quiz, so we ended up having to take the quiz right off of their googledocs. The quiz was a partner quiz, and worth 10 pionts.

After the quizes were taken and hande in, we were told what we would be doing for the class. The leading group had a creative assignment to make a poster that was from the brotherhood, and that opposed Big Bother. This took most of the class period, due to our classes outstanding creativity and motivation to draw amazing posters. We didn't have much time to discuss our posters, but they were hung up on the chalkboard in the back of the classroom.

Homework for the day:
  • read 167-224 for wednesday
  • blog question

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