Monday, April 28, 2008

Period 2 Scribe, April 28, 2008

Today as we all walked into class we were reminded of Mrs. Smith's absence by the calling out of "Put your laptops away! Put them away!" from our lovely substitute teacher. We tried to tell her that we were specifically told to use them today, but she denied our requests by saying, "I have found a way to make her lesson plans work without laptops." And that she did. She had us turn in our grammar review sheets, and a small gold half sheet of paper was handed out to each student that read:

Consider the following offenses and rank each in the order of seriousness, with 1 being the most serious.

Planning to trick someone
Lying to parents
Killing someone for revenge
Advising someone to marry for money
Two families having a feud
Selling poison
Killing someone by mistake while fighting
Killing someone in self defense
Crashing a party
Marrying against parents' wishes
Giving the finger
Picking a fight

So we all numbered our lists, and the substitute then wrote on the boars which ones we thought were the worst, and which the least bad. I am not quite sure what the point of this exercise was, other than just to let us know what happens in the play.

We then moved onto reading a single, class copy, of the Prologue of Romeo and Juliette on the overhead out loud three times, just so everyone got a chance to read it out loud...

We decided that the prologue stressed 3 Juxtapositions,
  • Life versus Death
  • Fatal versus Love
  • Hatred versus Love
And this was supposed to help us with tonights assignment, our Summary Response to the Prologue. We are to, according to the notes written on the board, have these elements,

1 page

  • Clear Thesis
  • Examples
  • Clear Conclusion
  • Begin with "I think.../I agree..."
  • Focus on one or two aspects
  • Clear Conclusion

We then began reading the first scene of Romeo and Juliette as a class, acting and all, and once the bell rang we all packed up (not our laptops...) and left for our 3rd period classes.

One Page Summary Response to Prologue
Be glad that Ms. Smith isn't gone everyday... today was just too boring!

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