Friday, April 4, 2008

Period 2 Scribe 3/4/08

Hellooooo, Period 2!!! So, we started off today going over the homework assignments. We have grammar exercises 10 and 11, as well as having to read pgs. 69-117 for next week’s fischbowl on Wednesday. (My group’s presenting- YAY!) Anyways, just a reminder; we also have our semester project, and if your group has not led a class discussion yet on 1984, prepare for that.

Today we had our discussion on pgs. 37-69. We had a short quiz on the reading, and there was a bonus at the end. “Cake is a _____.” (Hint it rhymes with pie!) The answer to this riddle is at the bottom of the scribe! So anyways, after the quiz, we all made 1984 movie posters based on some of the themes in the book. The six themes were Happiness, Conformity, Corruption, Distopia, Change is inevitable, and private rebellion. On the posters, we included quotes and pictures that fit the posters’ themes. We also had to come up with creative titles and casts. Aaron’s group probably had the most creative cast, with Sean Connery starring in it! Yep, you’ve gotta love those Scottish accents…

We ended class discussing the posters and how the themes relate to 1984. Personally, I think that Distopia is caused by the other five themes. So, that was our fabulous class schedule today!!

Oh yeah, the answer to the riddle was “lie.”…Yeah, I don’t get it…And thus, we also learned of Jose’s obsession with cake!!!

This is Maddie, signing off!!!

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