Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scibe for April 18th 2008 Second hour

Hey Everyone! The weekend has been incredibly beautiful so get off your computer and go outside! Mrs. Smith second hour class opened the usual chorus of hello. Then she talked about an exciting new project we will be working on. We are going to become fashion designers! Everyone got into groups of 2 or 4. We will be making political t-shirts by designing the the cover on the computer and then Mrs. Smith will be able to transfer the picture to the shirts. So one person from each remember to bring one white shirt! After the initial excitement we got down to business. Mark, Nile, Molly, and Kristen were the leaders of the day so if anyone missed the quiz; talk to them. The quiz went over the pages 225-274. It was mildly hard and 10 questions long. After the quiz, the class split into groups and created brains to represent a character from 1984. Afterwards the group explain the symbolism of each section of the brain. Here is a few examples of what was said in class. Liz Carlson created an incredible poem to represent the brain of the starving man. If you see her then I highly suggest you ask her if you can read it. It was very powerful. Another good example was from Jose's group. They showed the face of O'Brien. One side was black and the other was white. The black side represented Big Brother and the white side represent the Brotherhood. It was a very good project and brought out a lot of good discussion.
That's all!! Here was the homework. Have an amazing weekend!
Blog question from leading group, Read 274-297, scribe
Bring white t-shirt to class on Monday
Grammar Day 14:8

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