Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Recap for Period Five

Hannah covered it all brilliantly, but I will just have to rephrase what we did in class today. c:

Ms. Smith reminded us:

- Today is a creative work day
- We are supposed to create political posters
- Muse is holding a poetry contest

It is national poetry month after all, so enter your best work! It has to be an "IPoem" so you can use voicethread, photostory, powerpoint, etc. etc. The poem is due on Monday, April twenty-eighth in the Classes Dropbox. The prize for this contest is an IPod shuffle and Ms. Smith wants to remind you that you should enter your poem and win so you can give it to her. If you'd like more information on the contest, see the article about it on the Arapahoe Website Home Page.

- The proof reading worksheet(s) for the grammar packet are due tomorrow so do not forget!
- Julia the photographer is coming to class on Thursday to take pictures.

We are going to be staging a Fishbowl, and Thursday would be the day to look nice! ;)

- Emma's gym teacher pulled out her tooth yesterday! She was a tough girl and did not cry. Plus, she received five gold coins for her tooth!
- Read pages 69-117 for tomorrow and Hannah warned us it would be hard so STUDY!!
- Read pages 117-147 for Thursday!

Today in class we made our political propaganda posters for 1984, but before, Ms. Smith showed us some examples to help us visualize our own. The first poster was a picture of a woman who said, "Gee, I wish I were a man!" Ms. Smith reminded us that the use of text is critical for our own posters. The second poster was of a soldier that read, "If you're not a terrorist, then stop asking questions!" Ms. Smith reminded us again of the importance of text, and added that color is important as well. The third and final poster showed two young men in the navy that read, "Sub spotted - Let 'em have it!" The images in this poster showed us the significance of imagery as well.
We were able to do the posters however we wanted to do them, but we had to make sure that we were working as a member in the Ministry of Truth. Everyone worked hard and I can not wait to see what other people did!

That is April Eighth Two-thousand and Eight for you!

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