Thursday, April 17, 2008

Period 5 Scribe April 17th

English today was very exciting. My group (Becky, Mac, Melissa, and Rachel) presented over pages 167-225. We began with the first part of the quiz. This was a pretty easy multiple choice short answer type quiz. We allowed people to work with one other person. During the quiz, 80’s music played because of the 1984 theme. The extra credit question was to properly identify one of the songs. This was fairly easy because we played “Thriller” and some people started doing some of the dance in their seats. There was another extra credit point for identifying another song.

After the quiz, each person took one cookie. The cookies had numbers on them and were the way we broke them into four groups. The groups separated with each of the four leaders. Each group discussed the chapter from a different characters perspective. The 1’s went with Mac and discussed from Big Brother’s perspective. The 2’s went with Melissa and discussed from O’Brien’s perspective. The 3’s went with me (Becky) and discussed from Julia’s perspective. The 4’s went with Rachel and discussed from Winston’s perspective.

After our separate group discussions we came together into a giant circle to fischbowl. This pretty much wrapped up all the separate discussions and introduced more intriguing thoughts about the book. We had to cut off a little earlier than we would have liked because the discussion was going so well and was so interesting, but we had to take the second part of the quiz. We put four questions on the screen and each person had to put down their thoughts about at least one of them on the back of their quiz. By the time they finished class was over and we had completed yet another fantastic day in Smith 9 English Honors, Period 5.

For homework tonight, don’t forget to answer our blog question. Also read pages 225-274 (if you haven’t already done so because I know many people are reading ahead) and do grammar worksheets 14:5-6.

Have a fabulous night and almost weekend!

If you haven't seen it yet, you should go to the play. I have heard it is amazing and that you will love it!

Go Period 5!!!

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