Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scribe, 4/1/08

Hello! Today was a fun day, but don't freak out if you missed it. It was a work day for the most part. At first, we playfully bantered, discussing things which were pushed out of memory for the important news: we need to give Mrs. Smith a plan for what we will do for our fishbowls! We got the homework, which was to scribe, to do the grammar packet up to lesson four, and to read pages 37-69 in 1984. Next, we did an assignment. We were to find a political cartoon we liked, find another cartoon that we liked, and then write a summary and a reaction about what we saw. The summary must have a conclusion, a topic, some details, and a main idea, not in that order though. It is a homework assignment and . After that, it was pretty much a work day for our fishbowls. Remember, you need:

  • A syllabus/plan
  • A quiz
  • A blog question
  • To let people know what Mrs. Smith assigns!

And that's all!

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