Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hello all, and welcome to your local 9 0’Clock Scribe

Today in period two, things did not start out with the usual “Hello Ms. Smith”, but instead started with Ms. Smith hurrying into class from a supposedly “short” meeting. She quickly reviewed our homework (see below in red) and told us to pull out our political cartoon reviews. As she said this, she remembered that she had forgotten the E-mailed reviews and ran to go fix that crisis. In the meanwhile, she told the presenting group (consisting of Aaron, Luke and myself) to start preparing. When Ms. Smith returned with the other reviews, she gave us the go-ahead to start. From my humble perspective, it felt like the whole thing went off very smoothly, although I think I did botch something and got laughed at for it. Can’t quite remember what it was, but I am 99% sure that it happened.
Now that the summary is over with, I’m gonna split the remaining tasks into two sections:
For the stuff turned in and that one would have to make up, see the lime section.
For the homework, see the section in red.

Turn in Political Cartoon response
E-mail your answers for the quiz to Aaron, and he will (hopefully) accept them
Here is the actual PPT viewed in class for all those who missed it. -->CLICK ME!

Respond to the blog question (Below 5th hr’s post)
Grammar 6&7
READ MAN READ! (Upcoming quiz & discussion thru pg. 69)

If there’s anything I miffed, please comment and ill fix it ASAP.

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