Thursday, April 3, 2008

Period Two Scribe for April Third!

Hey guys!

For our class today we got to read and work on our projects and grammar! At the beginning of class Ms. Smith talked to us about a very important man that is coming all the way Germany just to sit in on one of our classes! How cool is that? Its crazy to realize that we are actually making a difference for other people’s learning in the future!

Also, Ms. Smith talked about how much she had to do after school, luckily only six more weeks until summer! Wish her good luck in the teacher-student basketball game, number –37! After that short discussion we went to work reading.

Aaron, Luke, and Nick’s group handed back their quizzes and surprise, they gave points to the people who talked in the fischbowl. But don’t fret if you didn’t get that point because they realized that number four on their quiz was an incorrect question so if you got that wrong you can turn in back in to them to get full credit back!

The homework for tonight is grammar ex. 8-9, read pages 37-39 in 1984, and write on a piece of paper what you think the theme of 1984 is for tomorrow’s discussion. Good luck and see ya tomorrow!!

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