Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scribe for April 22nd! Period 2

Happy Earth Day!

Today Alex, Clara, and Louise led the fishbowl day

The agenda was:

the quiz (which was pretty straight forward as long as you read the pages.)

A group project( after they told us about it Ms. Smith said what a good idea)

and a class dicussion

Group Project:
Groups of 6
Find or create an image, series of images, poem, video, song, ect. That you feel summarizes the transformation of Winston throughout the progression of this book
On a word document, explain what you chose and how it represents Winston.

Here's what all the groups did and said:

Aarons group: Their group had images of the same guy doing different stuff, and they said that this shows how Winston is confused and angry, shows a happy face for Julia, shows how he is beaten senseless, shows trying to change mind, show end how he conformed

Maddie’s group: Showed a timeline. Wrote a poem for each event they had on the timeline. One for childhood. One for when the book begins. One for the diary and his deception. One for Julia (how she makes a brighter future). Another for the thought police (no hope) one for the end when he gives up.

Phoebee group: Talked about Winston writing in his diary, filled with lust, betrayed, attacked by rats, don’t speak don’t feel don’t trust.

Amanda’s group: so my group did a collage, we had a picture of Big Brother and that in the beginning he hated big brother. We also had a picture of a rat eating someone's finger because Winston was afraid of rats, we had words written on their like betrayal, sex crime, love for big brother, and rebellion. We also had a quote from a song Winston hears in the end of the book, "Inder the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me." Then we had a pisture of a man and a woman with a rainbow, the sun , the sun with clouds, and rain. We also had a picture of a catipillar and a butterflly to show his progression. We also had a quote from Fredrick Douglass, "the thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion."

Marks group: They had a collage. They had a picture of a robot because Winston was conformed. Arrow going to rebel without a cause james dean. Brad pitt and with AJ with guns and this showed the relationship between Julia and Winston. they talked about how he was tortured. they also had an arrow going to Big Brother with a heart around it how he accepted everything.

Molly’s group: Their group showed eyes, comrade for the society. The one blue eye shows how Winston was just beginning to see the real society for what it was. The other eye was varying shades of blue to gray. This showed that they couldn't ever escape big brother. Everything will be gray.

So here's the homework for tonight!

  • Answer the blog question

  • do grammar exercise 13

Here's the plan for tomorrow!
SAT testing tomorrow! Late start (so sleep in, eat a good breakfast, and be glad you aren't a junior!)

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