Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smith Period 5, the First of April

Hello all! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! So if you have any good April Fools day stories please share them to spice up this scribe. I would if it weren't for my somewhat lacking sense of humor. Well it was another lovely day in Ms. Smith's 5th period English 9 Honors class. We all seemed a little more attentive, the carefree feeling of Spring Break seems to have almost worn off. The class began with the marvelous Ms. Smith assigning homework (if you happened to miss it: grammar exercises 3 and 4, summary and response to political cartoon, and 1984 pages 1-37). After the homework, there was a frenzy to the stapler, printer, and the backpacks as the Summary and Responses from last night were turned in. Jordan then announced Wish Week and offered a tennis can for donations (please donate and support Marcus, he is a very cute boy=). Following these pre -class announcements and the turning in of homework, we proceeded to find political cartoons on the Internet. Because many of us students have Ms. Crosby as a history teacher, we have practiced looking at and analyzing political cartoons. It was interesting though, to look at more present day cartoons. Once we found a political cartoon, we had five minutes to find one of our classmates’ political cartoons to due a Summary and Response paper on. As I walked around, there were some very good political cartoons making fun of Hillary Clinton, the War in Iraq, the Presidential Candidates, and more. Some were very funny, while others did not make sense. After choosing our cartoon and returning to our seats, we as a class discussed the cartoons and saw that they all included humor, or more specifically as MorganW said "sick humor." Then Ms. Smith translated the "sick humor" into satire and seemed to get passionate as she explained it. She told of the two types of satire and how it is so effective, because it calls for a change by giving a warning of what could come if things stay the same. REMEMBER SATIRE IN YOUR SUMMARY AND RESPONSE!
Finally, with a "WHOHOO!", Ms. Smith released us to embark on the journey through 1984. However, not before there was a bit of apprehension at the thought of our classmates creating quizzes for us and controlling our grades. We trust each other though and therefore proceeded to our groups. The mood in the room quickly changed as chatter, laughter, and the tapping of laptop keys issued.
That was our class on April 1, 2008. We are getting closer to summer, YAY! Have a wonderful rest of the year!


mattw said...

I turned my dad's dresser upside-down, put his slippers in the shower, set his alarm 3 hours early, put shredded paper on his half of my parents bed (my mom hadn't pranked me), put my tennis shoes and socks in his pillow, a frozen water bottle at the base of his bed, replaced all the lightbubls in his room with red ones, and set off the fire alarm by "accident", then purple paint on his bedroom doorknob.
Believe me though, he deserved it. I'm not mean.

Tylerg! said...

I switched the salt and pepper shakers. soooo haha mattw!