Thursday, April 10, 2008

Period five Scribe

Blog Question
Chapter Review
Group Quiz Tomorrow!
Hint: One of the questions is, "What is Winston afraid of?" there are three things, death, rats, and the third you have to find yourself. ;)
Read Pages 147-167
We started out class today with the presenting group teaching the class 1981 style. The girls had to sit on one side of the darkened classroom, while the boys had to sit on the other. On each desk there was a "Telescreen" featuring Big Brother. Class began with toe touching exercises, then began a question an answer session. (I didn't get detailed notes due to computer trouble) One question was, "Why didn't Winston push Katharine off the cliff when he had the chance?" Some of the responses were: He still loved her, and he thought she loved him, and pushing her off wouldn't solve any problems. Another question was, "What significance do the songs that the Proles sing have?" Some answers were, they expressed emotion, and that they were not related to the Party.
Our final challenge was for the girls to get a message to the boy's side of the room, while the boys tried to get a message to the girls side of the room. The catch was the boys and girls could not interact with each other, if they did and were caught by the teaching group, they were instantly vaporised.(Sent to the back of the room) The girls won by getting the message to the boys side in the form of a text message. Afterward, we turned the lights on and "Staged" a fishbowl, so that the visiting German photographer could get pictures. At first, the fishbowl talked about their response to the presenting groups way of teaching. The presenters admitted it was really hard trying to keep from laughing. When the German photographer, Julia came in, we switched topics and discussed the blog question.

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