Monday, April 7, 2008

Just another amazing day in period two!

It was a rainy morning this morning as kids returned to school after their fun filled weekends. As Ms. Smith arrived, all of the students in period two prepared themselves for another exciting day in English. To start off the day AmyW asked Ms. Smith how her half marathon went. Our teacher responded by telling us about how well she did. Go Ms. Smith!

To start off the day we went over homework and the class plan for the day and the week. There will be two class blogs this week; one on Wednesday which is over pages 69-117, and one on Friday, over pages 117-147.

“Do you want to win an iPod?” asked Ms. Smith. The majority of the class nodded our heads. Ms. Smith went on to explain that there was a contest being held school wide, for anyone who wanted to win an iPod shuffle to submit some form of virtual poetry to the Muse. We could submit our Voice Threads (From our poetry unit), along with a typed copy of the poem, which should be dropped into the drop box under the classes folder, called iPoem, by Monday April 14, 2008. (See link below)

Jose and John had some trouble with the quizzes from last week’s seminar, but no fear! They solved the problem, so see one of them or Brian for your newly graded quiz.

Ms. Smith will be gone on Friday, so the group that is going to be running the fischbowl on Friday could decide if they wanted to go on Friday or Wednesday. They are still going on Friday.

The rest of the class period was filled with class work time on the lesson plans by different groups over 1984. Or if the groups had already gone they could work on homework.
All too soon the bell rang and Ms. Smith wished us all a great day!

Grammar 11-12
Read pages 69-117 in 1984
Class Discussion on pages 69-117 on Wednesday

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