Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5th hour is the best!!

Good afternoon people of period 5! Today was very interesting. We had Mrs. Kirgan here to help us get our schedules for next year all planned out. She handed out our registration cards, which were yellow, our contact info form, our graduation status report, which was attached to our registration card, our master schedule, and our locker partner request form, which was also yellow. WOW run on sentence! Make sure that you have at least 24 hours each semester, and i don't think that you are allowed to have 3 off hours in a row, so be careful. Depending on what classes you are in this year, you have to sign up for different classes then other people next year, so watch out.

Remember our registration cards are due April 29th. DON'T BE LATE!

I just want to say that all of the political propaganda posters for 1984 are AMAZING! Everyone in our class is really creative.

Ok, lots of people looked really cute today so i just wanted to call attention to some of the things i noticed. First, Racheal, I really liked the collar of your shirt. Second, Cate, your plaid shorts were amazing. Kristina, i really liked your camo bandana. Leslie your hair was awesome. Madison, i liked your very spring inspired shirt. Maddie, i liked your pink hair ribbon. Everyone was very springy today. Sorry guys i didn't really notice your outfits, but i am sure that they were amazing.

Ok, was anyone else sad that we didn't get to use our laptops? I understand why we couldnt, but i am kind of attached to my laptop now. I have no idea how i ever survived without it.

Ok, now everyones favorite part of the day: HOMEWORK!!!!
Remember to do grammar excersize 14.1
READ! READ! READ! We have alot of reading to do. For tommorrow read 167- 225, and for Friday read 225- 274. On Friday, the best group in the world, Rya, Ryan, Jordan, and I, are going so be ready!

~Everyone have a wonderful day~

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