Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance, to Ms. Smith...

It was a crazy day in Crosby's class, which was what most conversations consisted of when entering C-11. Her evil plot to make us think that teachers were being fired because they didn't say the Pledge of Allegience left many of us stressed and happy that it was not real!
Once we talked that out of our system, Ms. Smith explained that today we would be making a propaganda poster as if we were a memeber of the MiniTru(Ministry of Truth). She said she would explain that later but first reminded us of a few things...
  1. The Muse contest should be won by someone in period 5! You can submit your poem/mutimedia production of it to the class dropbox called iPoem by April 28th and possibly win an iPod shuffle!
  2. HW: READ 69-117!!!! This will not be an easy quiz, I know because I made most of the questions, so STUDY UP! Also, you need to do revising/editing worksheets 1-2 tomorrow.
  3. BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! What is it you ask?? Well.... A photographer from Brand Eins is coming Thursday to photograph our class! So... LOOK YOUR BEST!
  4. Someone said something about Nile not being here today, I don't know what that has to do with anything, but hey, it happened so i wrote it!
  5. Gerhard didn't visit period 2, yet another reminder that we are better than them!!! Haha, just kidding...... well, kind of : )
  6. Smith thinks Crosby's little scheme was awesome... Ahh, so they do plot together!
  7. Smith's surprise: Her daughter came home from school smiling, had had a loose tooth, but didn't any more! She showed us a picture of her smiling. She lost it because her gym teacher pulled it out!! EWW!! She didn’t cry, she was a tough cookie. This was her first tooth lost!!!!! Go Emma! Oh ya... she got 5 gold coins from the tooth fairy, I'm so jealous!
  8. Some classperson- "Hey Smith, did you watch Dancing with the Stars last night?" Smith - "No I couldn't, I was at school." Yet another sign that Ms. Smith cares more about our well being than a television show!!! WOW!

Next, we looked at examples of political propaganda posters:

  1. “Gee!! I wish I were a man! I’d join the Navy!” Maddie- "It's a manly thing to join the Army." Smith- "Like in Macbeth." Morgan - "All the women will love you for it!!!" Smith- "Image, color, and placement work together."
  2. “If you’re not a terrorist… then stop asking questions!” With a soldier in the middle. Becky- "It’s saying there is a reason for asking a question, and that’s only if you’re a terrorist." Rya- "Terrorists prevent things from happening by asking questions." Jordan - " The soldier guy looks like he will kill you if you ask questions."
  3. “Sub spotted- let ‘em have it!” with men in middle with missile on a boat. Dawni - "Guys are good looking and look adventurous." Morgan- "'Let em have it' is red to make it look important, 'sub spotted' is white and cursive to make is sound like a secret." Smith- "They are usually white guys who are muscular with sailor suits." Rya- "They aren't ever worried." Katy- "The men look bigger than the incoming cannon."

Rules for your poster-

  • You must use Image, message, wording, and color.
  • Work in groups of 2-3.
  • You can do it on the computer (gasp) or by hand (i.e., voicethread, ppt)
  • It can be a commercial.
  • We have recording mics!
  • Turn it into the drop box when you are done, which should be by the end of the period.

Ohh... one more things Smith has to say...

You should probably be caught up on reading because the next presentation is Thursday so you need to have read 117-147 by then. However, there will be NO HOMEWORK as far as reading over the weekend.

Smith- "Gooooo!!!"

That's all, I hope you had a good class!

P.S. Me, Dawni, and Morgan's poster was super awesome. It was the "I Want You for the U.S. Army" poster with Big Brother's face on it and the words "I want you for the ministry of truth" on it. It was awesome. Sorry I had a lot more cool stuff to add but I have to go to dance like... now so I am typing really fast and freaking out a bit because I still have more homework. But, it was good enough! Have a great day!

Oh... and don't forget...


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