Friday, April 25, 2008


Happy 4 month aniversary of Christmas! I know this is just such a big event for everyone that you can barely contain it even though you probably hadn't realized that until reading... Well, today in class, Ms. Smith gave her usual cheery "Hello" and the class answered with their usual enthusiastic "hi", barely audible over the typing on the laptops. Well, down to buisness. Today we continued to work on our semester projects. Nothing really exciting happened today besides that. Just a reminder, we only have 3 more in-class workdays on teh project and those are right before finals so get as prepared as possible so you only need to add in Romeo and Juliet. For homework tonight, you need to complete the grammar chapter 14 review and that's due Monday. Also due Monday is everyone needs to have an electronic or a book copy of Romeo and Juliet which we will start reading in class. Other than that, just work on or plan to work on your semester project. Merry quadmonthiversary of Christmas to all, and to all a good weekend!

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