Thursday, April 24, 2008

Work Day in Period Five (4/24)

Today, class started out as usual with Ms. Smith greeting everyone with "Hello Everybody!" The class sort of groaned back "Hello Ms. Smith." Ms. Smith said that it was just as pathetic as period two normally is in the morning. A few people said we should try it again, but we had a lot to do, so we moved on.

Basically, today was a work day for us to work on our semester long project and get that updated with information from 1984. Tomorrow is going to be the last work day until the end of the semester (we'll have 3 days after Romeo & Juliet.)

Before we broke out into groups, Ms. Smith gave us our homework (see below) and asked us to answer a post she has on her personal blog about how we taught each other about 1984. If you didn't get this done in class, it is homework. What she wants to know is:
"I want to know what they got out of this learning experience versus me teaching them.
I want to know about their assessments (quizzes) and see why they chose to go the route of regurgitation.
I want to know about the collaboration in the groups to put together their teaching day. Was it difficult to get together? Did you have enough planning time? How did you do your planning?
I want to know what suggestions they would have for doing this again.
One of her friends who is also a teacher really wants to know about the collaboration. They don't think kids get together much anymore now that we have text messaging and e-mail. As always, Ms. Smith is sure we will have something brilliant to say.

Before we started working, she passed back our t-shirts or the design pattern for us to make them at home. Everyone was talking about how cool it was and how it worked. So, Ms. Smith “whistled” to get everyone quiet. Then she explained how to do it. (Step 1: Take the image in Publisher or PowerPoint and press Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C. Step 2: Open Paint and press Ctrl-V. Step 3: Rotate the image. You then buy a Light T-shirt Transfer Paper at Target or Office Depot. Step 4: Print out the design on an inkjet printer. Step 5: Iron the t-shirt for a few minutes, before slowly ironing on the design. You let it cool for a minute and it is ready to wear. Ms. Smith reccomends you try this the next time you baby sit.)

Then we broke up into groups and worked on our projects. A few groups got a lot done and are really making some head way while others are still struggling. The group that presented on Tuesday- Tyler, Mitch, Mitch, and Matt- handed back their quizzes. Most people did pretty well and got A's or B's.

Before class ended, Ms. Smith called us back together to remind us that tomorrow is our last in class day to work on the project until after Romeo and Juliet (we will have three days after that and then the project it due.)

If you missed class today or you forgot the homework here it is:

*Grammar Packets!!! Proofreading and Editing worksheet & Chapter Review~ Due tomorrow
*Answer the blog question on Ms. Smith's blog.

Hope everybody has a great evening. See you all in English tomorrow.

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