Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1984 Discussion (pgs 1-37)

Hey guys! Here is a post if you want to continue discussing what we discussed in class today on pages 1-37. Feel free to leave your comments on here!


alexf said...

War is peace~ Freedom is Slavery~ Ignorance is Strength~

I know that we discussed this in class, and i agree with all the ideas stated. Also, another view could be that we must go through war to get to peace. To have true, real freedom, we must first be slaves (as seen in US history too :D) And then, to become strong, we must first be ingorant to discover what we really know/think. This eventually all lead to the other. Sure, they might be opposite, but if you have one, you must have the other.

This can relate to F451 because it is shown in that book that you can't have a society without true followers and true rebels. The only thing with F451 was that their society was at war, they were all slaves, and they were all ignorant. BUT!!!!, at the end of the book, the war ended, Montag and his society became free (some were blown up tho :D) and they became strong as a group after once being ignorant.

mattw said...

Another question we almost added was;


I hope at least one of you answers this.

rsabey said...

I am not sure but I think this is where we are sopose to leave our comments. I think that Winston represents human desire for more. I know I am prbably looking at humans as inherently good or somthing craxy like that but I belive a human has to search for more than just... life.
My thinking behind this is that winston for short periods of time will realize his complex emotional ideas but then forget soon after due to society.
In my exspirence when I am searching for meaning when, why how etc. I will think of somthing that I have been searching for explain it to myself and then it's gone. As in Winstons situation I think it can be due to fear, or pain that your mind wont let you often retrive the depth you are looking for.

lesliel said...

I think that the 1984 world has something to do with the history of the cold war and WWII. I noticed several times that Winston was talking about bombings, and it made me think of the Battle of Britain with the Blitzkrieg. Also since George Orwell was writing this book sometime in the 40s (since it was published in 1950) he must have gotten some of his ideas from WWII, as well as the Cold War which was just starting. The book is obviously related to communism, so that is why I think it might have something to do with the Cold War.
For present day, I don't really think that this world is very similar because people are allowed to express themselves and to have opinion. THought that is just relating to the U.S.

DawnielleN said...

Good point Alex. In "Fahrenheit" Peace WAS accomplished with the help of violence. Not that I am some crazy violent person but I can understand how the people of Oceania could be so easily swayed.

1984 does relate to parts of the World, but it is just a little exaggerated. I know that people in the Middle East always seem to be hiding from their government. In Iraq I just recently saw a story about a man that started a church but had to HIDE from their government to continue having it because if they were caught they would be killed. Also, it was so alarming to me the way that violence was laughed at in the movie theatre. But I felt a little worried because violence is something that kids are exposed to every day whether it is in the news, video games, or in a movie.