Monday, April 7, 2008

Period 5 Scribe for 4-7-08

Hey everyone. I'm a little iffy on the beginning because of technical difficulty, but I'll do my best. We started the day as usual, with the "hello class/ hello Ms. Smith" beginning. Smith told us about her half-marathon, and how she placed 8th in her age group. After that, my amazing group took charge of the day. (my group is Stephen, Zach, and I) A quick Q&A session was next. There was one about Syme, another about how Shakespeare was a part of 1984, and other good questions. (Dang technical problems. I couldn't get the questions asked because of it. Sorry) After the short Q&A session, we went on to the next part. My group showed a short video clip from the movie 1984 , which started with the Two Minutes Hate. It was kind of eerie. The movie portrayed the book closely in this scene. It was also kind of funny. The movie then went to his work, where he was rectifying news items. Things are slightly different in the movie than the book, but the movie is very close from what I can tell. The "meat" in the soup was kind of gross though.

After the movie, another short discussion on the movie ensued. I tried to get some of the comments.

Hannah doesn't like the movie.
Ryan said that is was likely that the existence of the USSR influenced what was said in the movie.
Maddie likes watching movies, and said that it enhances it, or something of the sort.
Many people said that they like to see what other people think about a book. Others don't like watching book-to-movie productions.
Smith commented on the "v" thing that the movie people did.
Rya was reminded of Hitler by the movie.
People visualized the book very differently than what the movie showed.
Morgan W. doesn't like book-to-movie and movie-to-book things very much.
People thought it was strange hearing him think sometimes, and not others.
Morgan W. said that she didn't like how the 3 slogans did not show up in the movie.
Newspeak was a topic that made people mad.
Becky said that the kids' attitudes were not shown in the movies.

There were a few too many comments to type, but many were along these lines.

After wrapping-up the session, the quiz was handed out. It was a shortish 10-question quiz. The class didn't like the extra credit question though. It was... what is the name of the person Winston made up while editing things? After that, people handed in the quiz, and class was pretty much over after that. Yay my group!


morganw said...

I told you it was an impossible question to answer!

morgant said...

I agree Morgan W.!