Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Period Two Scribe for April 8

Before the bell rang, Molly walked in and looked at the back chalkboard, which we all usually do. She then complained to no one in particular that none of the random comments were funny anymore. No one really responded, but it's true!
Of course we started class off today with Ms. Smith's usual, "Hello everyone!" with the class responding, "Hello!" Smith then told us the story of how she went to pick up Emma yesterday from school, and she ran up to Smith telling her how her gym teacher, who frequently does so, pulled out her tooth. (A little weird if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat.) Smith showed us the picture of Emma looking very cute, as always, and proud, smiling with a missing tooth.
Once all of that was over with, Smith explained our assignment for the day. In small groups we had to create political cartoons, from the perspective that we were working for Big Brother in 1984. She very much emphasized that today was a creative day!!!! The main things we needed to focus our poster on were: the image and message we were conveying with special emphasis on the font and color of our lettering. So for the rest of the class period, we worked on our posters and listened to music.
As for homework tonight....
  • Read 69-117 to prepare for our quiz and fishbowl tomorrow by the leading group
  • Grammar Editing and Proofreading Worksheets 1 and 2; They are due tomorrow, No exceptions!
  • And if you chose to do the iPoem presented by the Muse

Remember: tomorrow is the last PLC Day, so enjoy sleeping two extra hours!

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