Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's and okey, dokey, artichokey king of Day in 5th period

Ms. Smith pulled up the power point then turned around and shouted “Helloooo everybody.”
“Helooo Ms. Smith,” replied the class. Ms. Smith is gone on Monday and every one was rather disappointed as we will have a sub. She has saved us though by making it impossible not to use computers. We have to find an online text which will be used for Romeo and Juliet. A summary response paper on the prologue of Romeo and Juliet is due Monday. The second paragraph is a response to the first section of the reading. The class then broke into the hustle and bustle that is common when a class moves into groups. Groups were scattered across the room some in the corner. They were mostly away from the front of the room. I am, of coarse, working on the scribe for today. Everyone is discussing how they will be presenting their ideas to the class for the semester project. Some people were speaking a little louder then everyone else. Most groups are either working or trying to work. Rachel waved to me from across the room and asked if I was ready for the Arapahoe Singers audition. I responded that I was quite excited but rather nervous. The best thing is to keep your cool and not freak out. Ms. Claire came and visited the class with Mr. Fisch to take notes on our learning. Ms. Smith talked with them in what appeared to be a conference. Hannah works quietly on her laptop. Parker is also working on his laptop. I was then informed that Zach was staring at the vitamin robot on the board. It has a voice bubble which reads, “Takin’ lots of vitamins.” Morgan and Kristina are talking in British accents and Morgan starts every sentence with, “Hark hither”. I was reminded not to forget that. I checked the room and everyone is still working. In fact the class is very hard at work, well they’re a little distracted but that’s ok. Ryan, Jordan, and Katy are discussing quite a lot while Rhya simply watches from across the table. Everyone seems somewhat tired. Morgan T. just sighed very loudly right behind me. There is a lot of little talk all over the room. Morgan was discussing the style of your life through music. As this is an open blog anyone can add anything they want to it. I think? It seems the sound level in the room rises and crashes like waves in the ocean. It appears that a lot of the class is getting bored but I am sure they have done a lot of work. Everyone has lost it. It’s Friday and nobody really wants to work which is rather obvious. Class is almost over and well now it is done.

The homework is to work on the semester project, do the chapter review and be ready for class on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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