Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4/16/2008 Period 5 Scribe :)

Basically, we didn't do too much today. But we do have some homework.

Homework: Blog question, read 167-224, and grammar exercises 3-4 in Ch. 14

From there, we moved onto our grammar quiz on punctuation. Very exciting, I know.

After that, we got to listen to the musical styling of the Eurhythmics, who made the soundtrack for the movie version of 1984 (ironically made in the 80s). We listened to 4 of the songs: "I Did It Just The Same", "Sex Crime", "Julia", and "Doubleplusgood". These song lyrics and more from the soundtrack can be found on a link on Ms. Smith's English 9 Honors Webpage here.
We took notes about our reactions to the music, lyrics, and overall feelings about the songs. The overall consensus of the class was that the music was overwhelmingly 80's and very repetitive, especially "Doubleplusgood". Morgan T. said that the song was "embedded in her mind". Everyone seemed to agree that this is very similar to how the telescreens just repeat the same information over and over again to the citizens to block out any thoughts but that one thing. The songs were very robotic and used a lot of synthesizers. Mac said that these were not the type of songs she would have picked for 1984. Matt W. said that one of the songs kind of reminded him of the James Bond theme. One last thing everyone picked up on was the relation between the songs and the book. The lyrics included Newspeak words and many distinct references to the book. A lot of good points were made in this little discussion. Kudos, everyone.

So basically, not much was done today in class but it was still pretty neato-sweeto.

Hope it keeps snowing! :)

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