Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scribe for period 2- (another one)

Hi guys, Im thinking that maybe I mixed up my day and was supposed to do this yesterday but I wrote it down wrong in my planner so I will just add on to Serena's very well done scribe.

When we came into class today we got our laptops out and discussed our thoughts about the substitute teacher and how the class went yesterday. Everyone seemed to agree on what they thought about the subject.

Then Nicole, Javon, and Alyssa presented on pages 167-224. Then they collected the questions that everyone was supposed to write down for homework (which the majority did in class). They gave us a quiz that was on a powerpoint and everyone either did theirs on the computers or on paper. The quizzes were printed and turned in. Then the class split into two groups for two different fishbowls. (Aquariums, as Mr. Bast would put it). The two fishbowls discussed the questions. Here are some of the questions that were asked and brought up.

Could the kind of society in 1984 ever happen to us?
How has Winston changed since the beginning of the book?
How does F451 and 1984 compare?
Why did Charrington betray Winston and Julia now?

Then we went on the usual tangents about whatever we felt like.....

Here are some of the random thoughts that were brought up

A Whole New Mind
military brainwashing
brainwashing in general
totalitarian governments

As always the discussion was fun and informative!!

answer blog question
read (get ahead so you dont stress out)
grammer packet

see everyone tommorrow

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