Monday, April 21, 2008

Peroid 5 Scribe for April 21

As usual, before class began there was quite the hullaballoo while students got laptops from the carts and hastily tried to find friends who had remembered to bring a t-shirt to decorate. Luckily those who forgot were able to relax as Ms. Smith was so kind as to have t-shirts for us. She greeted us as usual then proceeded to explain the activity we would be doing today.
Working in groups of four were were supposed to design a t-shirt either for or against big brother. There were many creative ideas flowing today and I'm sure that every group's t-shirt will be unique and clever.
When some of the groups finished their designs and had dropped them in the drop box they had a little fun while they waited for class to end. :)
Don't forget our homework tonight! Read through page 297 of 1984 (i.e. finish the book)
The last group presents tomorrow and I'm sure they will be as creative as all the others!

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