Monday, March 31, 2008

3-31-2008 Scribe/ Beginning of 1984

It's time for scribing once again! Suprisingly, Mrs. Smith came into class rather today rather dazzled from her spring break. Usually, she has herself all pulled together! I have to admit it's not the greatest thing to be back in school, but we should all start off on a good note.
We are pretty much jumping right into 1984 and tonight we have to read pages 1-37 for tomorrow. Don't forget to do those grammar exercises (1 and 2). Also, if you did not finish your summary and review on the poster and videos then finish that up! Mrs. Smith began by telling us about the new FishBowl system. There are several groups and on each fishbowl day they will have the chance to present their thoughts and teach the class about the reading. There are many requirements for these presentations. They include:
1) Have a syllabus (teaching plan) on hand in the form of a power point or on paper.
2) Create a quiz for the class room in any way of your choosing. The ideas are endless. However, make sure that you include strong questions! Don't forget that you will also have to have a way to grade the quizzes.
3) The night after your presentation, come up with a blog question and post it on the blog. This should be a good discussion question that can be answered with more than a "yes" or "no".
4) Lastly, during class you should have a way to lead the class in a good discussion. Be creative and make sure that the chapter is discussed and disected thoroughly! No one wants to sit around and listen to pointless chatter.
After Mrs. Smith introduced this to us we started off with an introduction to 1984 in the form of a poster and two videos. We then had to write a summary and review about it. They were actually pretty interesting!
Well, have a great rest of the night and get a lot of sleep! (I'm sure that we all need it!)
~Liz Carlson

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