Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Persuasive Poem

This is a poem where you are trying to convince somebody of something they don’t want to be convinced of. The poem is an argument, an attempt to persuade. Think about all the situations where you are trying to convince somebody of something: getting out of a ticket, getting mom or dad to not ground you for breaking curfew, getting a date with your dream girl/boy, getting mom or dad to give you more money, getting a teacher to let you turn in late work.


amyw said...

Oh please, please, please!
Will you let me turn in this late assignment?
This is my first one of the year
And I promise it won’t happen again
It would mean so much to me (and my grade)
Besides, you’re such an amazing teacher
That lecture yesterday was absolutely riveting
Wait a minute, what am I saying?
Every one of your lectures has been riveting!
Oh please let me turn it in, it’s just this once
Do this for me and I will be the best student you’ve ever had
Oh, great teacher, please, please, please!

mattw said...
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josed said...

As time goes on, I find,
I've a horrible
weight in my mind
because you don't want to
try a new thing called
having a dance for two.

I've recited the steps
and seen your face,
even worked out two more reps
To have a dance for two.

so here I am,
a rose in hand,
waiting for someone like you,
Just to have a wonderful thing
like a whirling dance for two.

mattw said...

There really is no reason
Really no excuse at all
Just check that all your straps are on
And then all you do is fall

There are five things to know
Just keep these thoughts in tow
And you will be just fine

“S” is for straps
Which you must tighten with great vigor
“P” is for partner
So your fall is free of horror
“L” is for look
At all the land below
“A” is for adjust
Your legs to land in flow
Last is “T” for touchdown
On familiar ground you know

There really is no reason
Really no excuse at all
Skydiving’s not so scary
Just remember S.P.L.A.T. as you… fall…

NickB said...

Oh come on, just do it
We’ll give you cash
If you take a sip
Of this brown mixed up mash

It’s not too bad
Only one sip
You’ve got to just gut it
If you want to be hip

What is it, you say?
Its really not bad
A bit of a shoe, old gum
And some shoulder pad.

Don’t chicken out
You’ve come too far
The whole school will know
And think you a czar

But if you don’t
Guzzle down this toast
Everyone will make you
The one they hate most

Oh don’t forget Suzie
That beautiful girl
She’ll like you a lot
Just give it a whirl.

The time of truth is here,
Either do it or not
Drink now, to health!
Suzie will think you’re hot.

hannahl said...

Disclaimer: This is not based on reality, but rather a dream.

Pebbles in my pond
Ripples down my spine
Notice my eyes
They are watching, drinking
I waited in reticence
A friendly face to come
None seen, nor felt, but dreamed
Dreamed your arms held me
Rocked back and forth
Like Mother and child
I couldn't give your spirit
To the night owls cooing
Wake-up, wake-up
The day shot me down
Your voice resounding
A deep sea fish
But no heart, no skin.
Voices and words,
Dead silence singing,
You brought me drowning,
To breath, my toes tingling
But no heart, no skin.
Linger, your presence
Wound me, your eyes
Touch me, your spirit
Break me, your guise
So gone to the grass now
This burning wish, cloudy
The winter frost inching
No end but disaster
Give me a sun now,
No rain for flowers
I'll be your Liza,
If you'll be my Freddy.
Take it or leave it
But leave it not lightly
Groundhogs and blown balloons,
Winds change now faster.

kristinah said...

Wow!!!! These are all so amazing.
I really liked Josed's poem- do you dance- like salsa or ballroom???? Well, anyway it is a beautiful poem!
Hannah- That came to you in a dream. Wow, beautiful. You have a naturally poetic soul:-)
Here is mine:

This gift you may bring me,
travels as a free spirit
lending me love
leading me to freedom
it sends me to a new world
where falling is something you can learn from
where the travels take you to a place
a place where you can fly
fly into a deep bliss
bliss that could not be taken away
this gift you could give me
is never able to be repaid,
this one thing, this one thing
comes with many different things
things that will lift my soul
my soul will soar
a song will sing
as I cherish this spirit, this gift
my life will change, a change for the best
without it, my life would not be whole
but instead there would be a hole
such a big hole, that when the wind blows
it will blow right through me
the feeling of flight
of freedom
of love
of a free spirit
of joy
will not be with me
they will not be in me, in the same way
I will not be full
My life will not be fulfilled
This gift that you could give me
will be the diamond in my sky.

whitneys said...


behind the rustle of the leaves,
the echoes of the voices,
the silence of thought,
you are ticking, softly.

you paint masterpieces of color,
the glitter of stars in the black,
the brilliance of bright blue,
for you carry the sun,
as you are ticking, softly

you bring in life all red and crying,
through love and pain create beauty,
then end life, leaving shadows of legacies,
all the while you are ticking, softly.

ticking, ticking, ticking

might you tick a little more slowly?
so I can bask longer in the magnificence of your creation,
let you wrinkle my skin with more smiles and love,
and engrave more memories into your never ending stone?

tick, tick…tick……tick

caitlina said...

So what if it’s green?
Popeye eats it,
To gain strength
And so should you.
You want strong teeth, bones, and muscles right?
Well all you have to do is eat your spinach.
No matter what you think of it…

macm said...

Uh, sorry. I was in a bit of a depressing mood.

How I wish that you’d never started
I’ve forgotten the real you
Please don’t leave me broken hearted
Because of all those drugs you do
I tried to overlook it
But I found myself afflicted
All it took was one small hit
And then you were addicted
I used to love to sit and talk all day
And make jokes so you’d grin
But then you started to pull away
Doing weed just to fit in
So please come back and be my friend
You weren’t meant to play this part
Please don’t make your own life end
It’s ripping me apart

morgant said...

Be who you are
Trust me on this
You've come so far
You won't miss

It's now or never
Don't quit yet
It's so much better
The standards have been met

Go for the gold
Be who you are
Create your own mold
Maybe your own car

Keep going strong
You've got what it takes
There's no way you're wrong
Whatever it takes...

BrianC said...

"The Movie"
By Brian Cheney

Why can't I play with them.
Aren't they my firends?
They're all going to be there.
I know just what to wear.
The Movie's only PG13.
And aren't I 14?
If I don't go I'll run away.
Why should I stay?
Weren't you a teen in school once?
Did you only go for lunch?
The movie won't go that late.
Be happy it's not a date.
So can I please go?
I'll never ask for more.
What? You said you're comming too?
Actually, I'd rather go to school.

ZachH said...

"One More Day"

One more day
All that I ask for is
One more day
To get that homework done in
One more day

It has been a very tough time
For me and my family
We lost our dog last week and
The car broke down in the middle of the street.
Grandma came over, but grandpas in the hospital
Some kind of food poisoning
He isn’t doing too well.

So all I need is
One more day
All that I ask for is
One more day
To get that homework done in
One more day.

I’ve always loved your class
Your teaching style is great
This assignment seems important.
I know I should have done it
And I have every intent of doing so
I’ll have it done tomorrow
But in order to do it well…

I’m going to need
One more day
All that I ask for is
One more day
To get that homework done in
One more day.

I know you expect more of me
Being your number one star student.
Next time I’ll deliver
Cause by then, Dad will have gotten his new liver.
That was a tough time for me,
Not having my Dad around.
On homework, he usually helps me
But since he wasn’t feeling too well…

I had to wait
One more day
All that I ask for is
One more day
To get that homework done in
One more day.

I know I shouldn’t make excuses
But you have to see this from my perspective.
You know that Harvard and Stanford
Won’t accept me if they see I turn work in late.
So please give me what I ask for
So I can get the homework done in
And get the homework done well.

In just
One more day
All that I ask for is
One more day
To get the homework done in
One more day.

And please when you grade it
Give it an “A”!

beckyg said...

Really sir,
It wasn’t my fault.
You must defer,
There’s a reason I didn’t halt.
Here is what ensued,
Oh hansom man of the law,
And I will not delude,
For that would be a tragic flaw.
I wanted to slow down,
Really I did,
But on my way through town,
I was afraid I would skid.
I thought I would be wary,
And not make a sudden move,
For it might be contrary,
And my control would not improve.
I thought my best bet,
Was not to decrease my speed,
For that would only be an upset.
I will not plead,
But you must understand,
That the only thing I could do,
Was to continue what was at hand.
I could not slow down even when you were in view.
So I hope your kind heart,
And your caring soul,
And the fact that you are so smart,
You I must extol,
Lead you to believe my story,
And let me off this time.
You in all your glory,
Should let me off this crime.
I will leave you to deliberate,
I hope your decision is good,
For my fate,
Is what you could,
With one swipe of the pen,
Change for the worse.
I must praise you once again,
But to be terse,
Let me off just now,
And you will never see me a second time,
And I will avow,
That I will never commit another crime.

maddisonm said...

Whatever you do in life, don’t give up
Even when you feel your life is a big mix up
Just keep holding on, holding on to what you know
Push through, keep strong, don’t let go

Don’t let go, don’t let go
God will help you through your sorrow
He will be there for you
There is nothing to big for him to undue

Keep on loving
Keep on caring
For the ones who love you
Chances are they care for you too

Don’t give in
Put on that grin
You can and will make it through
Even if it seems you have reached the biggest askew

Push through, push through
You have God who stays true
You can do this, you can do this
The end will be bliss

You just wait
Because your fate
Will end up becoming a wonderful creation
If you can just push through this frustration

maddief said...

This is dedicated to my friend who is going through a really rough time right now.

Life is worth living
So listen to me
When life seems tough
Full of ups and downs
Lean on them, lean on us
Lean on me

I know things are hard
Heck I've been there too
But there is so much more
More than the pain
More than the sorrow
The awful sadness
That threatens to swallow you

Think of smiles and laughter
And tears of glee
Not tears of anguish
Don't forget the wonders of life
Your reasons to live
You've got friends who care
You've got me

So when it hurts so much
That you try to distract
With physical pain
Put sad thoughts away
Think of happier times
Know that life will get better
I will make that a fact

Life is worth living
So listen to me
When life seems tough
Full of ups and downs
Lean on them, lean on us
Lean on me

Lean on me

morganw said...

I can explain it, really I can
You see we were driving, out in the van
We came around a corner, and what did we see
But a little lost reindeer and many tiny feet

My foot hit the brake as soon as could be
I did not want to hit them, really you see
We watched and we waited, the reindeer and friends
They seemed oh so small, so sweet and so they called
Much to our surprise they pulled out a cell phone
Hastily they called all their friends in the woods
And just as quickly the badgers, foxes, and hoods
They all came and started to sit
Yes, you heard right, they sat in the road!
Oh, it was such a sight to behold
To see these woodland creatures all set up in the street
Starting to party and stamp their feet
Unbelievable at first, but oblivious they seemed
To our predicament and early curfew they schemed

We did our best, mind you, to get them to move
But no matter what we did, they stayed in the groove
We honked and we shouted, made much and many noise
However, they ignored us and forced us to show no poise
We jumped and we screamed and laughed louder than toys
They just wouldn’t go
Until finally, way after dark, a concerned young doe
Shooed them away as she came out of the trees
Against all their loud and crazy pleas
Finally they were gone, and we had the freedom to travel
So we went straight home to so you could hear our babble

So dearest father and beautiful mother
Take pity on us and our long boring hours
Spent behind partying fauna – one after another
Even though we missed our curfew by several hours
We really would like amnesty regarding our offenses
For you see, all the animals jumped all of those fences!

mattf said...

Please. I really want it!
Why won't you buy me a car?
I promise I'll be responsible
Did I mention that you looked great
I like your hat
So will you buy me the car?
It will be put to good use
If you were out and someone got sick I could drive them to the hospital
It would be cheaper than an ambulance
I could also drive myself around
Think about it
No late hockey practices
No having to drive me to Vail for hockey
I'd be independent
Did I mention that you looked fabulous?
So will you buy me the car?

chelseas said...

Officer, Officer, please let me off this time;
You don’t understand-I can’t pay a dime.
I’m sure you’ve heard every excuse, but mine’s legitimate,
Not because I sped up where there was another car to hit.

What happened is very simple, I guess I just didn’t think;
For I was traveling down the road in that roadster, oh so pink.
As I was traveling down the flat, straight Route 66,
I forgot about the one problem-the accelerator sticks.

When I press that pedal down, it gives me this feeling;
I can’t stop this sensation-it’s like going four-wheeling.
The feeling of the wind rushing through my hair,
This wonderful thrill is oh so very rare.

If I slam on the brakes too hard,
I run the chance of being jarred.
I feared that if I slowed down, I might begin to skid;
Also I was afraid of hitting that darling little kid.

You will understand my reasoning if you consider the circumstances;
What other choice did I have than to take some severe chances.
I really regret that this mistake came to this and that you are standing here;
I was really worrying when I saw those lights approaching in my mirror.

As for now please give me a second chance now that I’ve explained;
You realize now that it was one mistake and was surely not ordained.
I promise you won’t see me speeding or breaking the law again;
Please don’t make me sign that dreaded ticket with that black ink pen.

Thank you, thank you, I really can’t thank you enough,
Even though you bent the rules I’ll tell them you’re tough.
I will remember this forever and won’t tell a single soul;
Lightening my foot on the accelerator is now my new goal!

stefo said...

Pretty Please?
See that sweet puppy in the trees
That barking is but a calling
My baby is saying "I love You"
And to give him away would be appalling
My bedroom is his home
This house is his safe haven
A place for him to roam
I know that he is naughty
But get off your high horse
And stop being so haughty!
Sorry he chewed your leather shoes
But the allergies you have for dogs
for sure does not excuse
But I hate to count
the sheer amount
Of your socks we find among the poo
No matter what you say or do
I will love pup for all his life
Including all the pain and stife
Caused by his little feet
And brown eyes that twinkle sweet
This is not battle daddy darling
Between you and the doggy starling
Simply If you cannot live with him
Put the both of us on the street
As this is most unlikely
Dearest daddy be sure to greet
The smallest new member
Of the Onofrio fleet!

stefo said...
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melissaz said...

One More Moment

Oh Please, oh please!
Could you just stay for one more second
One more minuet
One more hour
Maybe even one more day
I love your company
Always by me
Your strength and advice
But you live so far away
How could I ever live
without these times we have together
Once you are gone,
it’s back to reality.
I already miss you.
What do you do without me?
What would I do without you?
Just please,
One more moment together,
That is all I need!
Then you may go in peace,
Until the next time we meet.

ashleyf said...

What can I say?
You said you’d stop acting this way.
You said you’d stop, you said you were done,
You said you didn’t like that kind of fun.
I said I’m proud of you,
I said I’d help you through.
Now you think because you’re here not there,
You’ll drop your promise and just not care?
You asked me to come over and join your fun and games,
But kid, we’re just not the same.
I can create my own good time,
I won’t screw up my teenage prime.
What can I say to you?
What can I make you do?
We’ve been close for some time now,
And asking you is the only way I know how.
I can’t make you do anything, but please think,
About what can happen in a blink.
Put it down and walk away
Don’t be a high school girl cliché.

SerenaL said...

Hi mom
Hi dad
Sooo how bout some piercings?
Come on, please
You have two on your ears
I have four on mine
How could a few more hurt
So what if I regret it?
I’m a teenager, screwing up is what I do
It’s just a little piece of metal
I could always just take it out
It really wont hurt that bad
And since when do you worry about me anyways?
I’m responsible remember?
Besides, once I’m out of the house
I’ll do it anyways
So wouldn’t you rather
Have it done professionally
Under your much needed supervision?
So lets go to the tattoo and piercing shop
Oh and one more thing,
Can I drive?

Laurenc said...

As the wind blows here I stand
And with my gaze I call to you
So that maybe, just maybe
You will turn back to me

All I ask if for a chance
One day in the vast expanse of time
Just a moment
Look at me like I'm important

To hear your voice
Like bells it sounds
To gaze into your eyes
Oh what I wouldn't give

All I ask is for a chance
To show you who I really am
And we can talk til the end of time
If that is what you'd like to do

I'd swim across the ocean
If you'd wait for me at the shore
Just to see you smile
Just to hold your hand

All I ask is for a chance
A chance for us to understand
What goes through the others mind
As we sit in silence through the night

Don't leave me hanging on a whim
Just give me an answer
I'll love you either way
But all I ask

Is for a chance

ryanm said...

This is an event that I hope doesn't happen to anyone. Sometimes you just think about weird stuff you know?

"After Impact"

I promised you everything
and gave you nothing.
I gave you many of your dreams,
but never fulfilled them.
I wish we had more time.


I tried my best. Always.
I really did.
I lived for you
and loved you.


Please, don't leave.
I live to see your face
in the crisp morning sun.
You make me whole.
I can't live with this feeling
in my chest gone.


I tried my best, I really did.
I just didn't see him coming.
Don't go with him please.
He's gone.
Must be waiting for you now.
But you can't leave.


Do you remember when you first said yes?
Your eyes were glistening.
They were perfect. Just like you were.


I tried hard. I really did.
But the rain was coming too fast.
He was sleeping.
I swereved. Trying to protect you.
But the car behind us struck you.
Now, please don't go.
Please don't go.


Is everyone okay?
You can let go of her now, She's gone. We need to get you to a hospital!

johnb said...

Please, hand me some lunch money
I wish not to beg
But if beg I must
Beg then, I will

For it is you I praise
You I admire and aspire to be
You are the absolute
The most perfect being

Take pity upon me
I will pay you back
I do promise
Look into my eyes

For they are filled with tears
I cannot endure the pain
I am lost in darkness
But you can bring the light

Don't let me starve
I forgot to eat breakfast
And now this
I will not be able to go on

Please, hand me some lunch money


nicolek said...

This may be something you don’t want to hear
But please, open up and lend me your ear.
Sitting behind you has been such a chore,
Whenever a breeze blows our way, I pray for no more.
The scent you radiate is purely indescribable,
But it’s far from anything loveable.
That of burning hair,
Could simply not compare,
Nor the smell of eggs left to rot for a week,
Or when the chemicals from science class begin to leek.
I could smell you from a mile away,
So please just take a shower, that’s all I’m trying to say.

lesliel said...

Don't you want it?
You always tell me that it's your favorite.
The way it satisfies your apetite
It's silky smoothness on your tongue
Just take it off my hands
If you don't want to do if for me
Do it for you.
Take it this time.
Let your stomach bathe in luxury.
Just take it,
Don't you want it?

alyssas said...

I wish you could see what they’ve done to you,
I wish you could see what they‘ve turned you into.
Your doing everything you said you couldn’t,
Your becoming everything you said you wouldn’t.
You promised you wouldn’t be this way,
But that's how you’ve been since you walked away.
Don’t you remember what it was like back then?
Don’t you wish you could go back again?
So let’s take a trip down memory lane,
Before all the hurt and before all the pain,
To a time and place where it was just us two,
All that time just me and you.
When it was all just innocent fun,
We lived each day like we wouldn’t see the next one,
For me it was a new place,
But beside me was your familiar face.
We were together at every chance,
Didn’t know it was the start of romance.
But that was then and this is now,
I only wish I could show you how.
I know you do it all for show,
Your not the one I used to know.
So that’s why I’m down on my knees,
Begging you please,
Please don’t go with them tonight
Because you know it just isn’t right.

aweber said...

Please, oh please,
Why can't I go?
I'm going with friends
to see a little show.
It's only a concert,
From an amazing band,
Plesase, please, please
Won't you let my attend?
You've given me reasons,
That just don't make sense,
My friends, they are waiting,
They're getting quite tense.
I'm gonna have to go,
I've made up my mind.
Wait! You said yes?
Oh, then my bad, nevermind.

markg said...

If you will
lend me your time
i will capture your eyes
as you read my sign.

If you will
lend me a ear
i will tell you a story
thats a tragedy to hear.

And,If you see
my face has a glow
would you toss some change
out to the snow?

So, if you will
help out mankind
would you toss me some change,
like a nickle or dime?

Javonm said...

I am here to convince you not to worry:
about an F,
getting a referall or getting suspended,
getting grounded on the weekend,
missing that game winning shot,
finishing the race .3 seconds, behind the person in front of you,
Making a silly mistake on a paper,
or disappointing an important figure in your life,
Let these imperfections happen naturally and do not worry of them becuase they are all God's way of leading our lives in a positive direction and showing us these imperfections so next time we:
Get the A,
Make the smart decisions in school,
To not get grounded on the weekend,
Work harder to handle the pressure situation of that buzzer beater shot,
To win that race and break through the ribbon first,
Reading through or paper instead of just using spell check,
and pleasing the people around us and making them proud to be around us,
Thats what bad situations are for so don't hate them or resent them, accept them and use them as a learning element in our everyday lives.

KatherineM said...

Just one more piece please.
That's all that I need.
Just one more piece of that
delicious chocolate cake.
Yes, the cake that my mother makes.
I know I have already had my fair share,
but one more slice would show that you truly care.
Just one more piece would satisfy my hunger,
and also ensure that I will bother you no longer.

katyj said...

Ok im really scared to put mine on because everyone elses is so good, but here goes.

This is my life
Everything i am
Dont take it away
I wont survive
I just know
Without it i will perish
Like a man without water
Or maybe air
I promise I will be good
If only
You don't take away my

clarao said...

Please, Please I'm begging
Just for tonight
Could you do my chores?
I'll only do right.

Just out with my friends
You know I'll be fine
Just let me drive
I'll obey all the signs.

I know it's my first drive alone
You've always been with me before.
But it will be like you're there
Seat belt on once I close the door.

Just trust me the once?
I've never gone wrong.
Guess it's hard to let go when
You don't want me gone.

But I'll be safe-promise
If you just let me go.
I'll be gone one day anyway,
I can't help but grow.

DawnielleN said...

You act like it’s over,
Finished with no hope.
You say it’s too hard,
But I cannot cope.

Remember all our years,
Growing as one.
There are thousands of memories,
That had only begun.

I know God had plans,
Bigger than we know.
So you cannot give up,
Without another go.

Our friendship was special,
It was one of a kind.
Our bond was strengthened,
Every day refined.

So look me in the eyes,
Tell me you’ll try.
Tell me we’ll fight together,
And somehow get by.

It isn’t over,
We cannot just give in.
To distance and struggles,
We cannot let them win.

So let’s keep on this path,
Side by side.
Let’s guard our friendship,
Not let it subside.

mitchs said...

Please coach, please
Let me on the ice
Just one more shift
That really would be nice

I know it's the last minute
And lately I haven't done much
But if you trust me this time
I'll come up big in the clutch

If you let me play,
I'll give you all I've got
I'll win the draw and assist on
The game winner scored by Scott

Anonymous said...

Oh this? Well it's not that bad.
There's no need to call my dad.
It was just a bit of fun.
And I promise now that it's done.
But just look at what we did.
It's pretty good for a bunch of kids.
You can call it vandalizing, or a curfew violation.
But stop and imagine my old man's frustration
if you were to call and tell.
My life would become a hell.
It's just summer and that's all.
You got in trouble as a kid too, if you recall.
It's only some paint, eggs, and spoons.
Trust us, it'll be cleaned up by noon.
So officer, I promise we will go back home to bed.
We'll behave ourselves, don't worry your pretty little head.
We'll go to church and confess our little deed.
So that little ticket... there's really no need.
We will behave until school starts up again.
Then we'll act all grown up in grade ten.
So just forget the law and the rule,
giving me a ticket would just be cruel.
Please sir, think about it.
Don't press charges; you have to acquit!

lizc said...

True, I love you so
A burning fire, yet pure as snow.
You are my morning sky,
The time and sun that flies by,
The blue that makes the air so clear,
In every place you are so near.

Will you also love me back?
Please, don't leave me standing in the black.

Your smile brightens my day
And makes me giddy in every way.
We would be so good together,
Could it possibly be forever?
The thoughts that fill my entire mind
Are full of you so please be mine!

If one plus one equals two
Then I should spend my time with you.
If opposites attract to one antoher
Then we are perfect for each other.

Can't you see my love for you?

I want you...

Can you ever want me too?

amandah said...

Let me go just this once
I'll never get to go
in my lifetime
I'll get to spend quality time
with my cousins
and I miss her so much
she's like my sister
please let me go visit her
I'll be safe I promise
this would mean so much
to me!
Please just let me go
just this once

Louiseb said...

Harsh words thrown like knives
Tearing you two apart
To go separate ways, to live your own lives
To leave one another, to get a new start
You each badmouth the other behind their back
You say you don’t mean to make others feel poor
But compassion is something that both of you lack
So people sit back and try to endure
You each want me to follow you into your new being
To be part of one and stay out of the other
I liked it better when everyone was agreeing
Why do you come up with one lie then another?
Do you not understand that you’re tearing me in two?
One half for you and one half for him
What can I say to get through to you?
Just know in my eyes tears are always on the brim

stephenf said...

Harsher words never spoken,
Thoughts and ideas never whispered,
Hugs long gone and
kisses never had.

A time alone,
A time together
A time without end
Why did you leave me standing there,
why couldn't you show care.

Life may seem fleeting, time is all we have.
Time to be together,
Time to be a friend.

Dreams come and go, flowing with the river.
Flow, flow, flow
There they go lost in memory
When they flow into the sea
Will you still remember me?
I'll take you back no matter what
though you seem lost and dazed
I'll still be here my arms are open

Harsher words never spoken
thoughts and ideas never whispered,
Hugs long gone and
kisses never had.

Where will I be without you,
Then long last make my stand

For time alone can not break love
Death itself will only pass by
Time itself will freeze in place
For you and for me

Sweeter dreams and happy days
For time has traveled on
Leaving me dusty memories on the shelf
To remember our true love

alexf said...

(Ha ha ha, I was quite tired!!)

The closing of my eyes,
The bobbing of my head,
I can’t take it any longer,
Just let me go to bed.

My homework is complete,
The books have all been read,
All is as it should be,
Just let me go to bed.

I’ve been awake the whole day,
My energy has been spread,
I won’t fall over if,
You let me go to bed.

I can’t stay up any later,
I’ll sleep right here instead,
It all would just be better,
If you let me go to bed.

I want to go to sleep,
For tomorrow I will dread,
But for now just allow me,
Please let me go to bed!

nilec said...

I simple ask "Why not?"
but you hold you ground
"but she got one more than i got"
but you stand sound

oh please give me a cookie
I beg on my knee
in this game i am a rookie
but this cookie is calling me

I understand its before dinner
and its not the time
with this cookie I'd be a winner
but for now i beg and whine

ParkerH said...

Won't you eat that awesome orange?
People like it out in Blorenge.
It is always good for you,
and it gives you vitamins too.

I know the color may seem strange,
but color doesn't matter, now does it James?
So please eat up, swallow it down,
and no one will run you out of town.

meganu said...

You know you love us.
All we want is some money.

To buy lunch
No need for any sort of hunch.

It's just a few dollars
A few dollars for your scholars.

You are the best mom ever!
I will not bug you, never!

I love you so dearly
Especially if you'll give it to me.

Just hand it over
I won't give it to anyone, not even Rover.

For you see, you're everyone's favorite, mom.
Just hand over the money to me and to Tom.

mitchl. said...

Officer, please,
I know it's the law,
But please just let me free,
I am just in awe,
Because in know I'm not guilty.

So please just let me off with a warning,
I know next time I'll click it,
before you give me a ticket.

catem said...
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catem said...

(Sorry this is late, I thought this poem was due Wednesday.)

An Untimely Interruption

I would have had this poem in I swear,
If I didn’t witness an occasion ever so rare.
You see it was deep into Saturday night,
When I awoke to the most unusual sight.

Before me stood a man of four foot three,
With beady little eyes that stared at me.
He waddled on over towards my bed,
And took a breath before he said,

“I hail from a planet of dust and delay, the planet Bluesray.
So, you had better turn that poem in no earlier than Tuesday.
For if you find this assignment is one your must do,
Earth shall cease to exist, or least as be no more than greenish blue goo.”

Then with a POP he was gone,
And next thing I knew it was dawn.
Confused and frightened, I headed to breakfast,
Afraid any moment I’d witness our world turn into mist.

Weighted with the fate of the Earth,
I couldn’t turn the poem in; I’ve lived here since birth.
So reluctantly I did the only thing I could,
Turn it in late like people on Bluesray would.

So most clearly you see,
You must let me be home free,
An A is all I need,
For you and I would be mush without my noble deed.

alexd said...

Mom please
I didn’t know what time it was
I tried to get home on time
But at the movies there was a long line
I’m sorry I didn’t watch the clock
I really wish you would let me go
And I am feeling really low
Next time I will think of the rules you have founded
So I wont be so frequently be grounded

Tylerg! said...
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Tylerg! said...
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Tylerg! said...
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Selenam said...

This poem is late
oh how I do hate
when it is my fate
to turn in things late

Please don't berate
my poor turn in rate
it will sorely affect my
emotional state

Give me more than an eight
And don't get irate
I'm sure we'll debate
this poem that's late

jordanh said...

Compensation by Confirmation

All I do is give, give, give
Don't I deseve conpensation?

I play guitar here thrice in four weeks
I am lector six times a year
I want compensation by confirmation,
But I suppose that you are too meek

All I do is live, live, live
Without a confirmation

Have I not proven my alleigence to the church?
By always carrying the alter boy torch

The least you could do is confirm my faith,
But all you do is wait, wait, wait

Liap said...

Come on, give a girl a break!
An F does not a happy person make.
Maybe if I try to work hard
Then you'll change my scorecard.
I will try my very best
And I mean this from the bottom
Of my heart in my chest.
Will you let me get a good grade?

MollyS said...

Now, now mother, its only one night,
I'll only be until 11, everything will be alright
We're not doing anything illegal!
Just hitting the beach, looking at the seagulls.
I finished my homework, its all done,
Now, now mother, just let me go out and have fun!

Next week we are leaving town,
I don't want to have to depart with a frown...
You have known my friends forever,
And them get into trouble? NEVER!
I promise that we wont talk to strangers,
Now, now mother, just let me stay out later!

maddief said...

Ha ha, I liked your's Clara! Parents definitely act like that when it comes to letting their kids drive.

alyssas said...

Jose- I really like your poem! It isn't at all what I expected from you and it's really well written!

jordanh said...

These were all so funny to read. A lot of them were from a child's perspective since children beg a lot. A great example of this is Nile's poem. It is really simple and has an arguement that shows the simplicity of a child's persuasive skills. I also liked Amanda's because it tells a story and displays a love for her cousin. Good job everyone!

lesliel said...

josed, I really liked your poem too! I would be totally convince if I heard that argument.

Alexf, I can really relate to your poem. it was very well written!

mattf said...

These poems were tough, but I think they turned out fabulously. I liked the poems about driving, I remember having to beg my parents to allow me to drive. Great job!

stephenf said...

All right. Parker is awesome. He found a place that rhymes with orange. Do you guys feel that you have incorperated some of the senses from AWNM? I know that empathy is one very important piece to understanding poetry.

stephenf said...
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