Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hey everyone~
I just figured we could all use a blog to ask our final questions regarding our PLJ's and WRP's. This way, we can all answer each other. (Maybe not, but I have a question anyways... :D)

Here is my question:

I was just wondering, for the PLJ's, do I need to cite a website that I used that was recommended in Pink's book (in the portfolio section)? For example: Do i need to cite the results of an online quiz? and/or Do I need to cite just a website that i referred to?

Also, one final question: I used some magazines for a PLJ and i said the name in my response. Should I cite them even though i didn't use a quote?

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melissaz said...

Alex- I know that it is probably too late now but I will try and answer your question. I didn't, to be safe it might be good but since it is our PLJ and we are talking about the information coming from Pink's book, I don't think you HAVE to. But I am not totally sure myself.