Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Darkroom Poem

To do this exercise, you need to spend some time locating a photograph that holds a genuine and compelling interest for you. It need not be a "good" photograph- in fact, sometimes, the botched one will have more resonance, especially if you took it yourself and can reconstruct the gap between your astonishing vision and what actually showed up on the print. You might choose a photograph that someone has taken of you or of someone you know, a photograph that is more self consciously artistic (Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Diane Arbus) or a journalistic photograph that documents a historical event.

When you have found your photograph, spend some time writing out just what you see in it in as much detail as possible: objects, landscape, people, clothes, trees, architecture, light, and shadow. In a sense, you will have to narrate the photograph, or at least create a discernible image so that we can, literally, see what you are talking about. Then, using the same photograph, write a poem from any of the following perspectives or points-of-view:
1. Speak the poem as the photographer.
2. Speak the poem as someone or something in the photograph.
3. Speak the poem as someone or something in the photograph addressing the photographer.
4. Address the poem to someone you know who has not seen the photograph.
5. Address the poem to someone in the photograph.
6. Address the poem to the photographer.

You can also shift the perspective of the poem by manipulating the time, but still using the same photograph:
1. Write what happened just before the photograph was taken.
2. Write what happened just after the photograph was taken.
3. Write what happened as the photograph was being taken just outside the range of the camera.
4. Write the poem as if you have found the photograph years after it was taken.
5. Write the pome as if you were planning to take the photograph.
6. Write the same poem in three versions: present, past, and future tense.

"Any photograph has multiple meanings; indeed, to see something in the form of a photograph is to encounter a potential object of fascination...Photographs, which cannot themselves explain anything, are inexhaustible invitations to deduction, speculation, and fantasy."
-Susan Sontag

This poem is from the book The Practice of Poetry by Behn and Twichell


amyw said...

i’m staring at a heap of snow

snow lies all around

first it exploded from the sky

now it falls softly in diminutive flakes

and the imprint of my paws is temporarily stamped

in this white landscape

i’ve spent all day just frolicking

rolling and playing in this beautiful snow

for i’m a siberian husky, and this is what i love

right now i’m looking for some new snow

in which to jump

with my swimming pool-blue eyes fixed on the yard in front of me

tail curled like the top of an ice cream cone, legs firmly planted

when i spot that perfect snow mound

i will pounce on it gracefully

and frisk the rest of the day away

josed said...

I am a plastic tree
A human friend in front of me

He enjoys all that he sees
His eyes are full of glee

In this happy holiday, we're the centerpiece:
Calling out a message of love and peace

Yet we both know, past the warmth there is ice
But today, even it seems very nice.

What a holiday it's been, and soon I'll be put away;
But I'll always be back for the next Christmas Day.

chelseas said...

I lay curled up on my little bed
Upon my pillow’s where I rest my head

I have my own pillows as well as a blanket
My bed even has its very own egg crate under it

The blanket and pillows made especially by Grandma
Unfortunately I don’t have any cute little pajama

I have this luxury even though I’m a dog
I lay here and sleep as if I am surrounded in fog

When I sleep, it is next to mom and dad
Oh how I do love that egg crate under-pad

I am tightly curled up and rolled into a ball
I look like one of those puppies you’d see in the mall

My long fur is messed up from my wonderful dream
The thing that I dreamt of was cold vanilla ice cream

I sleep on my bed with my head on the pillow and curl up tight
When they try to wake me up, I try not to let them with all my might

As a chow mix dog, I am very unique
I sleep on a bed every night of the week

As I sleep here right now, I wish that you would not disturb me
I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t want to see me grouchy!!

meganu said...

Ready, set, CLICK!
No one's ready.
Taken by surprise.
You can see it on their faces.
Wide eyes.
A vacant expression.
Consentrating on the camera lens.

Another picture taken.
This time they're ready.
But at the last second
one jumps in front of everyone else
so that the camera only sees him.

Strike a pose.
Only a frame for two
and only the face of the other.
A shiny toungue.
A playful expression.
Closed eyes.

Last picture.
A friends finger
in another friend's nose.
A disgusted look.
But they don't care.
It's all for fun.

And the photo shoot is over.

meganu said...

my picture:


lizc said...

Each game, win or lose
Will have something to talk about.
We sit down one more time
To look over great plays and mistakes.
Each time we learn something new
To improve in the next game.
We listen closely to what the coach says
Even when it seems to take forever.
No matter how boring it may be
We have to take in facts and grow
In the way we play the game of

Liap said...

Bradley puts his face in the dirt and
promptly wipes it on my shirt.

We try to catch him but he's out of his sty.
He kicks some muddy water into Scarlott's eye.

Asher grabs him from the farm
And Bradley bites him in the arm.

Bradley is small, but I guess he's big.
After all, he's just a pig.

His muddy pink body looks too long
For such a skinny pig he sure is strong.

He has an angry look in his round blue eyes,
And from his mouth I hear his cries.

When we finally have him down,
I take a look around.

I decide to take a picture of that pig,
Because our host prepares sauce with fig.

The sauce is meant for our little guy,
Little Bradley is going to die.

For dinner our host brought roasted pork,
And I gladly reach for my fork.

Bradley was a good pig,
Not alive, but when roasted with fig.

caitlina said...

As I approach the memorial, I can see the six foot high soldiers
As they look through the grass of Korea.
They are struggling for their lives.
One of them is staring at the faces of his buddies,
Who are engraved on the wall, lost forever.
His face shows no emotion whatsoever, except fear, and loss.
For there is no gain here…just pain and remorse.

I have never known the pain that those men had felt,
As they fought for our country, heroically.
Now there is but a wall and figures of our soldiers.
Only a glimpse into time, that seems to have been forgotten.
But here and now it has not been elapsed.

I take the photo, just as my friends do themselves.
Will we remember this time when we are older?
Will we remember the war memorial, which greatly changed our lives, whether we know it or not?

When my experience is over, I go to pick up my pictures.
They are only fragments of a time that I yearn for.
No words can express the lonesomeness I feel when I look at the snapshots.
Coming upon the memorial picture, I pause.
What I am looking at is the wall with faces engraved of the soldiers who fought for us.
Then I see my reflection looking back at me.

I feel as if they can see me.
I wonder if they are proud of us.
Because I know we are proud of them.
They are looking at us no matter where we are.
Do you want them to see you?

Location: Korean War Memorial, Washington DC
April 20, 2007

stefo said...

Light streaks across the sky
Suns that melts from far too high
Into gentle ripples of white capped water
A smiling picture taken by a man with his daughter
In this picture there are things unseen
On an old sailboat our faithful machine
Three glide past on an ivory boat
The race had ended, the oranges markers afloat
Three pairs of eyes seek me, their smiles my tease
The violent red of the sails wriggle in the breeze
Forever caught that sail framed against the setting sun
Showing how yet another day is done
Things unspoken, things unheard
A frozen wind, stealing my voice, now paused on a word
Secret tensions
Stories unmentioned
All caught on a current, a draft
Only showing that simple sailboat
Through a pretty picture that we did craft

amandah said...
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amandah said...

This is what we did that day
it may not seem like much
but to us it means a whole days work.
Competing for the best castle
We are proud of how this turned out
Just look at it!
It was a day we got to spend together
work together
and have fun together.
Fun on the beach the place we all love
This is more than a castle to us.

Here's a link to my picture:


alyssas said...

There we were, standing there.
Of the camera we were unaware.
A smile on every face,
Just that time, just that place.
A trip we knew we’d never forget,
And we wouldn’t allow ourselves to regret.
The sky a perfect shade of gray.
Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
Surrounded by the hills and countryside,
The place where Washington used to reside.
The roof a perfect shade of red,
About this place we’d only read.
Our joy was easy to see
The feeling of being so carefree.
Just the six of us together,
One split second preserved on paper.

markg said...

Picture: http://www.wplsports.com/football/2007/ahsw04f/index.html

The ball in the air,
was ripe for the taking,
spinning through the air,
to the unaware reciever.
Just before his hands,
the ball is stolen by the
the D-fense.
The unaware reciever
is aware of his loss,
and tackles the thief.
Cheers and applaus.
The defenseman is congradulated,
and the offense raids the field!

alexd said...

I remember sitting there in frustration
Waiting and thinking
Not patient enough to stay still
I remember someone saying, “Don’t move”
but I couldn’t help it
It was taking too much time
My seat was uncomfortable
The sun beat down on my face
My legs twitched with energy
Yet I had to sit there until the “grown-ups” were done
They kept reminding me that they were almost done
Just take the picture already…

SerenaL said...

Who am I?
Who are you?
I’m just a beautiful girl
And you’re just a beautiful boy

But as always a wall rests between us.
Thinking of your hair
Your body, and your lips..

I rise to another planet
Out of this world
In a sky darker then my gothic dress
And bluer then my saddened eyes

Held steady only by the magic in my heart
And the wings on my back
Above my head a halo lay

For I’ve been cursed and blessed
As the lonely dark angel
Whose beauty runs more then skin deep
And who wears her heart pinned to her forehead.

Here's my photo. I used an anime photo, so I hope that's okay...

maddief said...

Hi there!

Smile brightly
Make a face
Stick out your tongue

I lie down
I stand up
I kneel between

Are we so different?
I think not
I agree

I am one
As am I
Yet we make a whole

Three Musketeers!
Friends to the end
But now years have past
How long has it been?
Five years...

Your hair is so long!
Yours is too short
Mine is dyed

Look at this photo!
Was I ever that short?
Was I really such a tomboy?

There's our favorite tree
Ah yes, I remember
Yeah, the tree by the swings

Do you see that shadow?
The one near us?
The tree's?

What's your point?

Do you think it was a warning?
Of what?

The end...Of us?

nicolek said...

Fake smiles, posing for the camera,
If this lens could see through to what we really are,
It would glimpse the ugly truth that lurks behind us all.

No one knew the night that lay ahead,
The night that would change us all.
But then, for the one moment, we all look happy.
The secrets we all hide behind were not revealed,
The hurt we all felt was still concealed.

A group of friends bound so tight,
But all the complicated webs began to unthread.
What looks so simple in the moonlight,
By the morning never is.

Looking back on this old photograph,
I never thought we’d all grow so far apart.
And yet I know that no matter where in life we go,
We’ll all be there for each other because of all the memories we’ve shared.

morgant said...

This is my poem, I just wanted to do something with the ocean, but not all of it may make any sense, but it is up to your interpretation. And, the moray eel thing, I don't know I just threw that it there. =D

The ocean waves
Wash the coral ashore
That magical sound of those waves
Reminds me of a choral

The waves flow
Ever so gently
But have no floes
For those belong up north

The wavering current
Inciting those gentle waves
All of these things
Build up my insight

The moray eel
swimming along with
the moire of
the sun upon the waves

NickB said...

heres the photo

"Whoa man, that picture's steez"
"Yeah, let’s see it one more time please"
As I show my friends the picturesque meadow,
I find that all my stresses have turned mellow.
I stare outside to find the snow gently falling
Then my friends start to leave, as sledding is their calling.
I scramble outside with my slick sled in hand
And then we start something that only we could understand…
Four of us hop on a toboggan, squished like orange jello
And ride down to the bottom of that picturesque meadow.

BrianC said...

My picture is one I took myself and I don't know how to link to it. So I made it my blogger picture, the one next to your name when you post something. So here is my poem, sorry if it's a little weird.

"Mr. Lego Man"
By Brian Cheney

Hey Mr. Lego Man,
Why are you fighting?
Why are you contending,
With that moster of a thing?
Why did it attack?
Was it provoked or insulted?
You could do better things.
Like rebuilding you lego city.

Hey Mr. Dino Thing,
Why are you attacking?
Why did are you destroying,
Mr. Lego Man's things?
Can't you do other things?
Like killing the badder things,
That fight you and Mr. Lego Man.

Now I see why,
You two are constently fighting.
There is no other thing,
Other than you and your kings.
Why am I talking to you?
Two ordinary things.
Your just a picture.
That's all you'll ever be.

ParkerH said...

The picture I used is not one I took, but it is close to what I saw when I went on a hike in this spot. The waterfalls where there when I was, and they aren't in this picture. I'm not sure where I got the onion line from, but it rhymed closely with canyon (at least the best I could use).

Standing at the top
I do hope that I don't drop.
The river flows below me,
and this is where I want to be.

I look and see the waterfalls go,
From out of the cliffs they flow.
Red sandstone encloses the canyon,
and is that smell an onion?

I see the spot where angels land,
and it is definitely something grand.
Observation Point is duly named,
and it looks out upon land untamed.


Tylerg! said...

As I took the photo
I looked at the reflecting pool,
The cave around me
and inside myself,
It really made me wonder
What could be lying yonder.
What was on the other side,
Icy water or an ebbing tide.
And as took the picture,
I thought about my life,
And what was in this snow capped cavern
And why I had so much strife.

Tylerg! said...

here' my link

mattf said...

The mountains in the background
The sky is streaked with red
The sun is setting in the west
Clouds are scattered in the sky
The grass is green
The fence is brown
Light is reflecting off the metal
It is creating a shining light
I'm smiling, as happy as can be
Nothing compares to being with
The Stanley Cup

macm said...

If you don't know what picture this is, you are seriously deprived.

Waxy, glassy eyed, immobile, figurines

Bob Dylan
Mae West
Edgar Allen Poe
Karl Marx

Arranged, positioned, fixed, statues

Tony Curtis
Stan Laurel
Oscar Wilde
Shirley Temple

Fake, created, false, mannequins

Stephen Crane
Albert Einstein
Sonny Liston
Diana Dors

Dead, lifeless, inanimate, objects

Albert Stubbins
Tony Curtis
Marlene Dietrich
Bobby Breen

Living, breathing, seeing, humans

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
George Harrison

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


morgant said...

My sister and I
Just sitting there
I don't know why
There was all that despair

Both of us
In our little dresses
And smile for the camera we must
To see what progresses

We hugged,
My sister and I
To create that heart tug
But then wanted some pie

"Just one more"
My mother said
"And do it with vigor"
With nothing left unsaid

We hugged one more time
And those smiles so sweet
A moment captured for a lifetime
Which nothing can beat

KatherineM said...

Beautiful blue sky,
Snow covered mountains.
Three matching figures,
The picture of happiness.
The polar opposite
of the reality of the time.
Pictures can be so deceiving.

melissaz said...

A Match Made in Heaven

The beads around my neck
The tie around his
My pretty dress to show to all the world
His suit jacket to accompany in class
I have my hair in golden curls
His, dark brown, slicked back

A match made in heaven

This is a relationship that cannot be summed up
In a sentence
A relationship that lasts longer
Than a first crush
A relationship that goes deeper
Than the memories of a first date.

This is me
With my dad.

We have the world to conquer
We have mountains to climb
We have memories to make
We have tears to cry,
And laughs to enjoy

Tonight is a special night
Time to go out with daddy

I am 6 years old
He, 37
Ready to make our own
Ready to make our own

Lukez said...

“Everybody hold still” I scream
“Take the picture” they scream
The sun was sparkling off the ocean in the rear of the ship
The wood below there feet was worn but strong
The lounge chair beneath them was beginning to bow under their weight
Their faces were turning red from holding the ridiculous positions
The parents were laughing hysterically just outside of the cameras view
The Balloon animal hats were squeaking from the slightest movement
The matching, Bright green, waters guns were dribbling water
The mass of cousins begins to crumble
The camera flashes once
The picture is immortalized
The people are suspended in mid-air for the rest of time.

alexf said...
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aweber said...

The Palestinian Martyr

This is hell
In this place I used to call home.
They now want it.
They'll take it.
They'll destroy it,
My any means neccessary.
They come with guns,
and tanks,
and soldiers,
with no mercy.
The bullets whizz,
The shells, they explode.
Who are they to think
That this is ok?
I am a citizen,
Caught in matters that aren't my own.
My child is with me,
Behind this concrete wall.
It won't hold forever,
We won't last for long.
Get behind me son,
Get behind me and hide.
Don't cry now,
The time is well past for that.
It'll all get better.
I hope,
I believe,
I have faith it'll end soon.
It is really time to say,
I love you,
My son.
I am so proud of who you are,
And what you were becoming.
A strong young lad.
But that's all just a memory.
A haunting in my mind.
A bullet finds you.
Your body goes limp.
My son,
My son,
My son.
You're gone,
In an instant.
Now I feel pain for you,
And me alike.
The medic rushes our way,
He picks you up,
and in a blink of my eyes,
He too, joins you in heaven.
Goodbye, my son.

Depressing, eh?
Here's the picture:

hannahl said...
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hannahl said...
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hannahl said...


Darling call me softly
Coo me with your words so sweet
I know not how to hold you with
Hands as gentle nor arms as strong
But see me when you leave although
I still will hold your face with more
Than any worldly image dear
More than any picture thousand more
Of mine own loving phrases hold.
They hold though rain falls on your eyes
They hold though almanacs do lie
They hold with spirits undying
If you hold breath I’ll fall with more
Than any mountain climber great
Than any child walking, wait
I know now that I must not lie
Beneath the roses, damn your eyes
For wanting me so dearly then,
And loving me so dearly now
I cannot live whilst you sleep
I must beside you or beneath
But not ahead, no not behind
Only with you forever love.
Dream world darling,
but oh so real,
You live,
Your breathing near,
He acts unflinching
Your paryls true
His legs move slightly
Yours, ghosts, stay glued.
Ghosts that haunt us
day, night, dawn, dusk
Feed you, praise you,
But not a word more
You walk- my heart
He dances- my eyes
You grip me, pupils speaking
The soul within never dies
Curtains calling, bowing, thanking
Lovers wheel to lifelong clutches
Gardens grow but home gone
It is everywhere you touch
Coo me with your words so sweet
I know not how to hold you with
Hands as gentle nor arms as strong
But see me when you leave although
I still will hold your face with more
Than any worldly image dear
I cannot live whilst you sleep
I must beside you or beneath
But not ahead, no not behind
Only with you forever love.

Forever love.

Forever love...

mitchl. said...

As I glance into the lens,
All I see is the ocean
ever-so beautiful
with only but a single ripple
from the gigantic whale.

The sun in the background,
with nothing else around,
The orange, the purple,
all so vibrant,
and all so beautiful.

The link to my picture...http://www.whale-images.com/data/media/3/sunsets_36.jpg

nilec said...

I wait patiently
For the cold to Freeze
The water to harden
The ice to thicken

Finally it is time
the castle is built
magical configuration of cubes

By dark fall
The building is solid
The lights give it life

the perfect picture

Javonm said...

The teens,
Standing, Smiling, Waiting, Anticipating,
The pictures,
It was a night of firsts, First HS Dance, First Homecoming, First group,
All of us looked unreal,
We try our best everyday of the week to look our best, nothing works,
But on this beautiful sunlit day, you looked, and you saw 9 people in there prime,
In blue, pink, and orange dresses, white, blue, and purple shirts,
Flawless skin, and birght beeming faces,
All smiling, waiting, standing, and anticipating the picture,
to cherish the moment,
we could have smiled forever, the picture was the most important.... it exemplified our feelings and will be lasting memory for eternity because we smiled our best and tried our hardest because we know that moment will always be there,
with the picture to prove it...

(Picture of Javon, Alyssa, Caiti, Ashlin, Tayler, Tessa, Corbin, Beau, and

Laurenc said...
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Laurenc said...

Here is my picture


The day only came once a year
Though not many seemed to know
The ones who did would keep it hidden
Afraid of provoking a row

For many would laugh and many would mock
At this gathering of fans
Who all shared a hobby, or obsession if you may
And they always showed up in vast numbers of vans

Now these people had a passion
And they loved to partake
In the replication of characters
There was no room for mistake

Hair of green red or blue
And maybe a tail
Cat ears or long claws
Nothing would fail

I was one of those people
Striding through the long halls
With huge platform shoes
I suffered a few falls

But it was all worth it
For I got many hugs
What a nice costume someone cried
Who was dressed as a bug

Here was like home
With nothing but kind faces
And I was so relaxed
Among the variety of races

I soon found my group
And we struck up a pose
The three main characters
Looking neat as a rose

So perhaps we are nerds
And that might just be true
But at least we fun
And look good doing it too

(for those that are curious, this was taken at Colorado's Anime Convention, Nan Desu Kan 2007)

jordanh said...

Mona Lisa, The Peace You Hone

You maintain a glare
from everywhere.
It does not matter where I stand,
You still give your look so bland.
And peace you hone.

I cannot tell if you are smiling
Or if you addressing.
Addressing a thought I can't see
But you still puzzle me.
And peace you hone.

You look like you have experience
of the centuries immense.
Yet your face doesn't show tense
qualities of an elder's.
And peace you hone.

You may be sitting
You may be standing.
And peace you hone.

You may be in the country,
you may be in the woods.
But wherever you sit or stand,
you are let be.
And peace you hone.

Your dress is of a common woman
A woman like any other,
But so unique
and unlike any other.
And peace you hone.

Simply, you confuse me.
You glare as if asking a question.
You smile anticipating the answer that you will never get. But still your eyes follow me, and everybody, wherever I go.
But it is not the answer that you seek, but peace. Peace in your face,in your landscape, in your head, in your wisdom, and still in the question tht you will never get answered. And peace you hone.

ashleyf said...

There we stand, proud and victorious.
Thinking nothing is as cool as us.
The night had taken defeat
As the last of them fall sound asleep,
We go upstairs to watch the sun rise,
But something better catches our eyes…
The dessert sitting there in its cardboard case
Was removed and thrown straight at my face.
Within minutes we became drenched in chocolate cake,
My parents came in and took a double take.
Frosting smeared up and down the kitchen floor,
It was my birthday, they won’t get mad, I’m sure.
The humor lasted as long as the picture, far too short,
As reason for what happened, none to report.
Though the disgusted looks from everyone trying to sleep,
Our morning ended with a memory worthy to keep.
The fantastic night,
In which we created a frosting fight.

maddisonm said...

The Countdown

The countdown
Minutes, mush to seconds
Balloons at hand
Waves wipe our feet clean

It is dark, near midnight
Clock at hand
Music trickles from near by restaurants
We are dancing with out a care

We are all here
We are a family
We are on the beach
Parents snapping photos

Crabs scurrying on their way
We think of a wish
We are ready
We are ready

We are ready to experience another year
We are a family
We are a support system
We are one

It is time
We scream, we let the balloons fly free
We make a wish, we set a goal

We dance, we sing
New Year in Hawaii
We say a prayer
And hope for another wonderful year

kristinah said...

Wow dude!!!

As I watch these marvelous creatures
swimming, moving, laughing, twirling
they are traveling on the EAC (east australian current)
So many of them, so many it is unexplainable
it is like a stampeed in the water
a streem of water creating splashes under ground
I am looking up at them and all I can see,
it there smiling faces staring back at me
I wish I could attain this joy
feel what they feel and see what they see

I wonder what happened to make them swim
are these turtles traveling to an event
one that I might attend?
I follow them and see
that it is home they are finding
what joy it gives them
to see the face of their family
what joy it gives them to settle down once more

I now choose to return home
to visit my own family
to experience a new reminder
to enjoy my family with a wide smile
and a happy heart
twirling with happiness
just like the turtle that smiled at me.

lesliel said...

The wrapping paper is on the floor
Smiling familiarities

With a huge rush of excitement
I'm told that there's more

Dashing down my silver staircase
Arouses careful advisement

A sparkling new kitchen for my delight
Oh! I've wanted this for days!

My pure excitement overcomes me
I turn to face my dad on the right

Joy on every line
My mouth wide open in glee

A flash of a camera
I bolt to give hugs to the kind

That gave it to me!

morganw said...

The Hunter

The hunter, slung low and strong
Wades through the tall grasses
His eyes constantly searching
Searching out far and wide
Looking for his prey

His eyes narrow as he spots his mark
Lifting one blackish gray paw
To point at his silent prey
His nose quivers
His tail erect
He crouches low and begins to sneak
The dry grasses crackling under foot

He picks up a trot, steady as he goes
Around the trees and under the swing
He roams and roams

He is within striking distance
His four black legs traveling quickly underneath
His black and gray body pounding down
Hard and yet light the same
He moves continually forw’d

At last the dog has reached his prey
And with a quick leap he is upon it
He grabs the stick and leaps for joy
As he jumps his collar jangles
Proud Aussie shepherd strides out
To meet his owner
He drops it at his master feet
And waits for the stick to be thrown
And the hunt to begin again

rsabey said...

You smile at me
I stare back into you soft unforgettable eyes
I think of you
I see whats in you your heart of gold
I see those misty eyes that say so much
There ocean blue
There part of you
If you really look in those eyes
you can see
Cuz their oh so deep with strength and joy
Struggled feat and tears of salt
It stings your eyes yet adds so much
I see you

I see you
I know you
I know what your worth and all you do
And ohh how I wish you could see
I love you

mattw said...

Do you know why
clouds float by?
In the sky where
snow angles fly?

Why does the sun
look down so bright?
And the moon voyage
through star and night?

What makes the rain
cascade from heaven?
The snow and sleet
cause earth to leaven?

What gives the ocean
it's deep blue dye?
and fields of barley
their tint of rye?

What makes roses
grow in meadows?
barren of thorns
but stand so mellow?

Your happy laugh
makes clouds go by,
in the sky where
snow angels fly

To see your face
the sun shines bright,
and the moon voyages
through star and night

Your solemn tears
cascade from heaven,
snow and sleet that
cause earth to leaven

Your glinting eye
gives seas blue dye,
Your skin gives barley
its tint of rye

Your smile alone would
grow roses in meadows,
That are Barren of thorns
and yet stand so mellow


katyj said...

Spots and clusters of yellow
Amidst a sea of feathery green
A stone wall from corner to corner
At a slant
A brown bald spot in the center
Adorned by a snow white statue
An angel
Hands clasped to her breast
Wings folded to her sides
Hair twisted to a knot at her nape
On the bottom
Sits a girl
Her hair cut to her shoulders
Her dress in a pattern
Of pink and yellow flowers
She looks to the bottom left corner
A perplexed expression
Fixed on her face
"Katy look AT the the camera please
Not at your father."

catem said...
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alexf said...

As I peer through the lens
I see a scary world of women
Three old women

Standing in a green, modern home
The kitchen appliances pop out
The shadows cover the walls

The first woman on the left
She has a theme of purple
Agreeing with the dress and eye shadow

Her gray hair is loose
Curling pins falling
Red roots showing

Her cheeks are on fire
Her lips are on fire
Her mind is on fire

The middle woman
Has a theme of blue
Agreeing with dress and eye shadow

Blonde roots show
Through the mass of grey
And green rollers

She tries to model
With her chest out
And her lips puckered

The one on the right
Is the oddball of the group
With both pink and blue

Her eyes don’t match
Her hair doesn’t match
And her lips don’t match

She’s the serious one
With her arms crossed
And a strict face

Tonight will be a scary eve
With children running
And three out of place grandmothers.

Anonymous said...

Grey and Gold

It was chilled and bitter,
but shockingly warm.
Both Grey and Gold.
An anomaly in the winter cold.

Walking that path,
those eyes that had grown.
Knowing the woods still hold
that hope for Gold.

Rocks lining the road,
Grey and dead, covered in leaves.
Wondering what brought her here,
after the Grey of every year?

But all that had happened
was lost in that scene.
The pain was dead and gone.
The Gold of a new dawn.

The world still changed.
Nights ended... at last.
The seasons finally came.
Different, yet all the same.

It was on that path,
between the bare aspens.
Her breath was her's to hold.
And she finally saw it there,
sitting among the Gold.

catem said...

Grasping the Past

Lost and forgotten for ten thousand years,
Weathering and waiting amongst my peers,
Afraid priceless stories soon will be gone,
Luckily strangers came in one striking dawn.

Creatures like those who crafted me,
With lankly tanned limbs like a tree,
As they admired me from down below,
They realized their “hands” were the same as those that made me so.

Many sunrises and sunsets passed,
And many odd tools flashed,
Until one day they went into the forest of rain,
Then I realized my shaman had not died in vain.

These modern day spiritualists decoded my cave,
Now my secrets I finally gave,
So my stenciled hand self can now rest,
Until my Manrang Mountains are needed again for the past to attest.

(For more information on the hands on the ceilings on in caves in the Manrang Mountains go to this link:
http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0508/feature2/index.html. The article and pictures are actually very interesting.)

Selenam said...

Here is the picture url,
A bouquet of spiders
surrounded by flowers
Scorpion pastry
Ant tart
Rattlesnake, yummy.

You say you'd eat that?
I don't believe it
They won't believe me
back home either

before you take a bite,
let me record the dish
of rattlesnake, scorpion, and spider.

kristenw said...


climbing, climbing, climbing
up the rocky face
through and around obstacles
climbing the unknown path

climbing, climbing, climbing
what to expect at the top
none shall know,
till the journey's through

climbing, climbing, climbing
imagining the results of accomplishment
hoping the results will be peaceful

Climbing, climbing, climbing
finally reached the end
wow! what a beautiful sight
ugh, now we have to climb back down

picture(i hope it works)


ryanm said...

picture url: http://www.nps.gov/pwro/piso/peleliu/lea1.htm

He now lay there
dead with a bullet
in his chest.

The corpsman looked
into the face of his
shattered friend
and recalled
all of the memories
they had shared.
In that little town
in Michigan.

The medic looked
into his comrades
glazed eyes.
He kept looking
for a sign.
A sign of anything.
God. Heaven. Hell.


The Chaplain crept
wearily toward
the medic and the
bloody body.

You're friend is gone.
You ain't going to do him
good by starin' inta his
Best sit back and let
God do his work.

The corpsman slowly
Taking one last
longing glance
at his brother.


The Chaplain looked up.
The medic now lie
A crumpled heap next
to his squad-mate.

Another soldier to heal.
Another man to forgive.
Another soul in the Kingdom of Heaven.

'I am the resurrection and the Light,' He read.

whitneys said...


a snapshot of life,
a picture of friendship,
a proof of happiness,

soft, wet flakes float down,
blending in with the bright lights of the city.
Christmas is almost here,
and we are together.

hair sprinkled with white,
blue and black coats zipped,
rainbows of scarves around our necks,
and hats to keep us warm in the winter cold.
but we are warm enough with our closeness.

arm in arm we stand,
against the dark, glittering backdrop.
Smiles are full of joy,
laughter twinkles in our eyes,
we are content to share the moment,
just the 5 of us.

DawnielleN said...

Dear unknown,

Was your hair a blank page, dying for stage?
Was it dull and plain, hungry for fame?

Why'd you choose pink, or did you even think?
What about the gold, why'd you feel so bold?

Did your parents shutter, when they saw all the color,
Did they giggle and smile, at their silly child?

Do people stare, at your colorful hair?
Do they roll their eyes, or think you un-wise?

Do you match your socks, to the color of your locks?
Do you thrive on change, occasional rearrange?

Sorry I care; I just really like your hair.

MollyS said...

My pale skin tingles from the sun’s harsh rays
Back in Colorado, there aren’t the feelings of these days
Out of place sand scratches my wet back
While I become quickly more aware,
Of the sun protection my skin does lack.

I hear voices in languages dripping in flavor
Mexico, Chile, England, Ecuador
I know that the moment cannot last
The pain is pushing onto full blast
If I don’t move fast
I’ll end up in a cast.

I open my eyes, slowly
They adjust to the slight bamboo circle delicately
Above my head like a tropical crown
I stay lying down
After all, this is vacation.


beckyg said...

Sawmill Gyser

Just seconds ago,
I was perfectly still.
Only I know,
What I might will.
This water you see,
Was not here before.
It came shooting out of me,
With a really great roar.
I try to shoot water,
As people walk by,
So maybe the daughter,
Will pay more attention to my,
Great strength and beauty,
Rather than the wild life,
Who are really quite snooty,
And don’t mind my strife.
The mountains nearby,
Don’t admire me,
Nor does the fly,
Even the buffalo do not agree.
At least I am loved,
By the person taking this shot,
And will be immortalized not shoved,
Where I could be forgot.

ZachH said...

Well Rounded Meal

The best way to start the day is with a well rounded meal.
A glass of orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal.
Eat it with and apple on the side. But one last thing to top this meal, the boy always reads the bible with his well rounded meal.

And one he's gone,
there sits his white empty ceramic bowl
and his shinny empty orange juice glass
and the half eaten core of the apple
and the bible...

clarao said...

A most spectacular view
Although I'm not alone
I feel like I have meaning here
A feeling no one else could own

Looking over tops of trees
And the buildings hidden behind
This is a town of history
That took people a while to find

On the end of this peninsula
Of former important sea port
At the top of this lighthouse
In Colonia Sacramento

stephenf said...

I have reached the summit,
The climb is done.

The journey is over,
the prize is one

We sit perched under a huge bolder.
The blue sky above.

The Boy Scouts have climbed a fourteener what a jobe they have done.

They climbed to the summit and sit perched on high.

The tan covered bolders radiate the hit of the sun.

The 11 of us have won,
and me being the youngest hae found myself done.

Our coats flap in the wind,
but our jats are firmly planted on our heads.

Some in the shadow some in the light.

The journey was worth the fight.

I have reached the summit,
the climb is done.

And now I return home after the prize is won.

johnb said...

Chrismas Time Again!
"c'mon everyone
by the tree"

all the little kids
rush into the room
stumbling over this and that
man down!

The eldest child
we have to do this again
her boyfriend coming to the door

the parents
come over here
no you
stay still

Me laughing on the inside
At the little ones
running about, asking for gifts
At my older cousin
she, being filled with embarrasment
At the parents
trying to contain the chaos

My grandmother sits
smiling as we sing to her
Bring me out to the Ballgame

Ryad said...

I had this formatted a certain way when I wrote it but it didn't work on the blog.
My poem is a picture of my grandma when she was 20. She is now 82.

What Age Destroys

The summer I turned fifteen
I was sent to live with my grandmother in Montana
My mom thought I was
Her cure:
To send me to a relative
That I had not
When I left I was angry
I had no friends in Montana
Only an old sick
No one met me at the gate
My grandmother never left the house
I took a bus to finder and was almost
When she opened the door
I almost gasped.
Sickness had weakened her
She looked thin and worn
The house was filled with boxes
So many that one could get
Dinner was almost silent
A few short questions
With answers that we said too
The next day she asked me
If I would sort out the boxes
They were filled with memories of times
In one I found a picture
In black and white
Of a young woman posed
“Who is this?”
The woman’s eyes were black pools
Filled with something like pain

“It’s me. Or it was.
Just throw it out.
It’s not me any more.”
It was then that I noticed
A hand written note on the side
To My pie, Muriel

It must have been my grandfather
Who had given it to her
Something wouldn’t let me throw it away

“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Why would I want it?
The past is nothing to me.

“It is only a reminder
Of all that I have lost
And will never regain.”

Those words seemed to carry
The weight of many years

mitchs said...

The sound of the puck drop rippled across the ice
There was a flash of metal
Skates slicing through the ice
A blur of dark jerseys surging forward
A quick flick of the wrists
And the puck took flight
I caught sight of the black rubber
Disk as it sped towards me
I extended my gloved hand
And snatched the puck out of the air
It was over, for now
Scoring chance denied.

Louiseb said...

The four of us stood there
Each full of laughs and smiles
Of the picture none were aware
We spent hours on outfits and the perfect hairstyles
All of us looked perfect
So excited for what was to come
Of what would transpire not one could predict
Despite the good company, there was one who felt glum
The lights went down and pre-show nerves set in
The music came on
Our heartbeats all quicken
Despite all the action, one girl seemed withdrawn
I was to go first; I was pushed out on stage
I took of with confident strides
But the next girl I noticed, walked at a much slower gauge
Her path wasn’t straight
Her movements came late
I caught her gaze
Her eyes were filled with bright red rays
She seemed so distant
Almost non-existent
No one knew how to help when she crashed to the floor
The sight of her was something that caused people to abhor
No one knew if she could prevail
The ambulance sirens began to wail
She was taken away quickly
Our beautiful night turned so sickly
One stupid choice
One irresponsible decision
Was all that it took

beckyg said...

Once again everyone did a fantastic job. Some of the poems were a little hard to understand because I couldn't see the picture. Thank you to those of you who had the pictures web adress posted with it, that was really nice. I really enjoyed reading these poems and catching a glimpse of people's memories.

hannahl said...

Dawnielle- I love your poem! It is very cute!
Catem- I liked yours a lot too! It was very nice language and it flowed well.
Everyone's was very good! Nice work!

mitchl. said...

Great job on the poems, they really portrayed the pictures well and I can just imagine exctly what they look like.

maddief said...

Ha, that was awesome Megan! I could totally imagine what the pictures looked like even before I went to look at them!

josed said...

I liked this activity, and my favorite poem was that one about fake smiles and growing apart. It conveyed a deep message.

chelseas said...

Wow-these are all really good! Everyone did a good job describing them so that they "painted" a picture. Good word choice and flow of the poems, too!!

lizc said...

A lot of these poems go straight to the heart even if you don't get to see the pictures. I think that everyone did an amazing job on them! Poetry definately brings out different aspects of people that might have not been seen before!

jordanh said...

I really loved reading these poems. I really like Tylerg's perpective of being the photographer of the picture-which if you took the time to look at is very beautiful. My favorite was Rya's. what an amazing story. it compelled me and it told a story. her use of quick, sharp language is amazing.

lesliel said...

Amy, i love your poem. it has lots of imagery in it!

Rya, your poem is SO STRONG!! Well done!

mattf said...

Everybody's poem had a ton of meaning. The way they were described made me picture exactly what was being described. I can't wait to see some of the pictures that weren't posted.

maddisonm said...

Stefo- I liked your use of rhyming
Maddief- I liked how your poem was so relaxed and just told a story
Overall I think everyone did a wonderful job. Reading over these poems I get such a clear picture of what the picture is that one might be describing. Great job everyone

Lukez said...

ryanm - I thought that you had a really good poem. I thought it had a lot of meaning in it, and it was really deep.

morganw said...

Ryanm - your poem was incredibly intense and very nicely done.

Overall, these poems were probably our best yet. It is easy to tell that we're starting to get the hang of writing poems and they keep increasing in depth and meaning. Nice job everybody!