Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome Back!!!

Hello everyone,
Welcome back to school and the never ending strive to learn!
Today in 5th period:
1) We got a new grammar packet!! It is a biggy so better get started ASAP on the introduction of punctuation: end marks and commas!!
2) Time to put on your magnifying lenses and read 1984 (could they have made the type any smaller). finish through page 37 by Wednesday
3) Finish your summary response to the freaky videos and poster!! (Find something to interconnect all of them)

HEY!!!! Come Sunday morning at 9 am be in downtown Littleton for the 1/2 marathon ms. smith is running! Bring along your bike and ride beside her!!! GO GO GO!!!!!!

Did you sign up for the day that you are in charge of the class????
This is what you and your group should be doing to discuss the pages that were assigned
1) syllabus plan (you could be a copy cat and do what ms.smith does with the power points)
- put it so all can see it
- you also need to know and present the homework that will be assigned
2) facilitation (how are you going to plan out your day)
3) QUIZ!!!!! You even get to make it yourself!
- Any kind (multiple choice, essay, fill in the blank, true or false)
- You have to grade them too! It is not Ms. Smith’s job! You made it, grade it!
- Make good questions too! Spend a lot of time thinking, they are hard to come up with!
4) Blog question
- Link to other books
- Think big, outside of the box
- 1 big ahha question
5) Collaborate on Google docs/ wikispace/ what ever you want!
6) Get Creative!! The Pressure is on!!!!


Don’t forget to do your summary paragraphs on the freaky videos, find connections, and make discoveries!

One last thing, I do not think that Stevens computer likes him very much! Maybe it is because Ms.Smith is playing it as a piano and calling it Eric! What if it is a girl and its name is Sally!

Have a great day!!!

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