Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oprah Winfrey poem

I am going to collect all of your secrets and redistribute them. With another person's secret, write a poem telling the story of that secret as if it were your own and addressing what you think about it. You could even look back at the secret as if you were older and wiser.


hannahl said...

Watching through the window,
Tumbling, twirling
Seeking the security,
Whipping, whirling
Asking for Answers
Reeling, reaching
Wishing for Winning
Hanging, holding
Nothing but nonsense
Falling, failing.

caitlina said...

Twenty Five Cents Worth

A twenty five cent piece
Barely reflecting the light from the sun
Symbolizing my kin, and relations
That twenty five cent piece has been worn
Traveled through history, a piece of the wealth of time
The rest of the dollar is mine.
But they are different
Shiny and new
Not warped and worn
They come in different forms
In tens and fives, even ones.
But cents don’t match the amount they are all worth
I put them together
Weaving in and out, the change to make the whole
My family my life.

rsabey said...

My mom she's
My dad he's
and I, I'm, I'm in the middle,
Everything is
Those days of old i'd
Mom and dad hold hands and hug,
It seemed forever
Now it is over,
The colors turn
I always think I did somthing
but what?
I feel so gray

I dream about thoes days of gold,
I wonder what i was not told.
I wonder when it turned gray.

amyw said...

why am i here
i am so scared
in this sterile white room
with an antiseptic smell
the people in white
wield sharp, shiny, silver objects
my bare arm is vulnerable
against this evil object
i see a streak of silver
swooping toward my arm
i cry out
but it's too late
it penetrates the delicate skin
causing immeasurable pain
this is my worst fear
a shot

aweber said...

I was lost,
You were lost.
You found me,
You asked me.
I answered you.
I had you.
We walked together,
We talked together.
We laughed together,
We cried together.
We thought together,
We solved together.
We sat by each other,
We hugged each other.
We comforted each other,
We honored each other.
We listened to each other,
We had issues with each other.
You had problems,
I had problems.
I fixed mine,
You fixed mine.
I fixed yours,
You almost fixed yours.
I rebuilt my life,
You took yours.
I cried to myself,
I comforted myself.
I thought by myself,
Because I only had myself.
No more you,
No more you.
I miss you.

Tylerg! said...


She fell for the bad boy,
He was just using her as a toy.
She wasn't to smart,
Now he broke her heart.

She won't be falling for the bad boy, anymore
He's not what she's looking for
She changed her ways,
Now she's got better days!

stefo said...

Shadows stalking shadows
Shapes of spiders and snakes
Haunt me
Are these shadows real
Or are they fake
Shifting shadows
Hulking shapes of bears and dogs
Of cats and large beasts
I run but cannot hide
All the horror of Pandora's box
has been released
Creatures that crawl
That swim
That hunt and kill
With claws and fangs
To hurt me to make me fall
To hate with a passion
For animals
I have
No compassion

ZachH said...

Whatever I do
It isn’t enough.
However I try
It doesn’t work out.
I just want to know
How far I must go
Before I can meet
All your expectations.

I have dreams
I have goals
I have hopes
I have wishes.
I know that I have to work hard
I know that I have to try hard
I know that the journey is hard
But when will it be good enough
For you.
I’m suffocated
I’m drowning
I can’t see the light.
I’m lost
I’m in pain
I’m fighting an uphill fight.
So how far do I need to go?
How hard do I need to try?
What do I need to do?
To please you
When will I
What will I
Need to do
To do enough.
To reach my dreams
My goals
My hopes
My wishes

Whatever I do
It isn’t enough.
However I try
It doesn’t work out.
I just want to know
How far I should go
Before I can meet
All your expectations.

katyj said...


Mine is small
So very small
Compared to others
But it is still mine.
A little white ball
A bag of clubs
And a hole in one.
Compared to others
Mine is small
But it can be
my little secret

Ryad said...

I know they’re there though I can’t see
Waiting on the desks and chairs

The walls close in bringing me closer
To the things that make me sick

Through it all I can’t escape that the fact
That those dirty desks do not match

I take a breath
Try to ignore,

The germs.

The walls.

The inequality.

Ryad said...
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lizc said...

Oh, the grocery store!
Isn’t this neat?
I get to be here with my mom
But I hope it won’t take too long!
Wait a minute…
Something isn’t right,
They manager reorganized the store over night.
I don’t like it this way, not at all.
I’ll have to put everything back even if I am quite small!
The oranges used to be in isle 7
But now they have moved to number 11.
I’ll just pick them up and put them into the right place!
After all, each item has its own space.
The cereal was in isle 8, but now it’s in 10,
Gee, these people can’t get it straight.
When they rearrange the store things are so confusing
So here I am choosing
Where things were supposed to be before…
Oops! I made a mess on the floor
I’ll just run out through the door.
But next time, they will be prepared
Not to put things anywhere!

mitchl. said...
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mitchl. said...

The fears,
The screams,
The tears,
There were no dreams,
In this aweful place.

What a scary place,
That so many could not face,
It was not our fault,
But we were still accused,
And all were abused,
The work never ended,
So how will we get through it?
I think luck'll do it.

ryanm said...

Walking with you
down the street.
Innocently holding your hand.
They stare.
But you're human too.
Don't they see that?
Can they see that?

He's not from here is he?
He doesn't belong here does he?
He is different than us.

Why can't they see
the way we all can be.
United and free
as one.

You're not from here are you?
But you belong here.
We are the same.
You and me.
Aren't we Dad?

morgant said...

Doing my thing
On the dance floor
There's nothing like it
Nothing at all

The music engulfs me
In my own little world
Nothing can stop me
From going out there

I listen with pleasure
As I sing along
There's nothing like disco
Or those 80s songs

Doing my thing
On the dance floor
There's nothing like it
Nothing at all

chelseas said...

When I need to talk, and no one’s around,
What do I do-grab my pet and then sit down,

They are always there to listen and never judge me,
If only you could respond back-that’s my only plea,

To you I am able to vent my feelings,
Oh you don’t know the power of your healings,

I can share with you anything and know that you will never tell,
Even when life’s so dark and deep and I feel like I’m in a well,

You’re the only one who understands,
You’re a comforting set of extra hands,

When life spirals downhill and no one’s there to help,
At least I can confide in the animal with a yelp,

The secret is now out-I like talking to my pet,
I haven’t had a conversation better than this yet!

lesliel said...

Life is playing before me
When I close my eyes, I see the flashing screen still there
No escaping
Don't want to stop
Time to go
always watching
emotions that do not belong to me
want more want more want more
can't stop

Anonymous said...

Aching for Clay Aiken

Ever since I saw him on that Fox TV Show,
there is one thing I've been wanting him to know.
I always listen to the hits that he is makin'
because secretly I'm aching for a little Clay Aiken.

I think about him all day & night.
If loving him is wrong, I don't want to be right.
In the morning as I'm eating a plate of bacon,
all I'm aching for is a little Clay Aiken.

I love his ginger hair and his freckled face.
When I hear him sing, my heart begins to race.
I look at him and my world begins quakin',
because secretly I'm aching for a little Clay Aiken.

I guess you could say that I'm a Claymate,
but loving him just feels so great.
Forget the other boys; my heart, it's taken.
All I'm aching for is a little Clay Aiken.

So he wasn't the American Idol, he took 2nd place.
He isn't my lover, but I still dream of his face.
When I think of him, my knees start shakin'
because secretly I'm aching for a little Clay Aiken.

mattf said...

Oh no, look at my feet
I hope they are discreet
Even though they're sweet
They won't help at a track meet.

Do I look like a fish
Yes, I sure do wish
That my feet
Really weren't this neat.

josed said...


I had gotten round after round
Reached Goal after Goal.

Now I stand proud,
with the cup in my hands,
And my comrades making a crowd.

All is well, but this is hard to conceal,
The secret itself is not as great as some feel

morgant said...

These are really good guys! Good Job!

maddief said...


Tears are falling
My cries echoe in the dark
They mingle together
Forming a symphony of sorrow


This is not my home
No friends or family
Only pain and memories
Can waft over me now


This places holds only pain
My fears, my anguish
This isn't home
It's hell

markg said...
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markg said...

The well known dog kid-napper released this poem to the press days after the ordeal:

Puppy was apart of the woman’s life
and it was a tragedy to hear that it went missing last night.
The search began and the people would say,
“I hope we find out who did this someday.”

One day the old lady, who had grown weary and worn,
Received an email regarding the new born
The woman turned silent and hated to see
That the puppy kid-napper was actually me.

Lukez said...

All Over

The Sights,
Are the Same.

The Sights,
Are different.

South America,
Not Here.

All Over!

morganw said...

I have an irrational fear of dinosaurs
I do, its true
I have no other choice, I hear it in my voice
Irrational as it may be
Lets just face it – dinosaurs scare me

They are not cute and cuddly
They are not nice and sweet
They are simply ugly and scary
And they have really big feet

No part of them is appealing
Nothing strikes a cord
Being near them disgusts me
Honestly, nothing could make me more bored!

They don’t have good manners
And all they want is meat
They’re mouths don’t move at all
Unless it is to eat

Yes, I have an irrational fear of dinosaurs
I really do, it couldn’t be more true

I have no other choice than to give in to the fear
Irrational as it may be

This is one dinosaur that refuses to get near -
All those other dinosaurs scare me bored to tears!

johnb said...

I'm conducting an experiment
One of a particular kind
I'm messing with my parents
I'm messing with their minds
It's not very hard,
At least that's how it seems
I'm doing it all the time
I think about it in my dreams
I do not know what to do

At first it seemed worthwhile
Now it's consuming my life
At least that's what I see
Everything is lost in chaos and strife
And it's all because of me
I'm conducting an experiment
One of a particular kind
I'm messing with my parents
I'm messing with their minds

mattw said...
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nicolek said...

I was whisked off to the land of Palau,
A place so remote not even found on my Uncle’s map.
He sat me down on the plane and said,
“Buckle up son, it’s gonna be a wild ride!”
As the clouds thinned I finally saw,
A large dark ocean with its gaping mouth.
The waters parted as we floated down into the oceanic airport.
A processes ion of divers donned with scuba gear,
With the finest coral in hand came with their greetings.
They lead us down the crystal clear steps to a room with the most exotic of fish swimming by.
A man adorned in the finest linens and jewels,
His extravagance commanded our presence.
“I am the King of Palau! My long lost relative, welcome home!”
A rush of wind and water swirled around me and the island appeared before my eyes.
The majestic mountains caressed the sea side
I felt like a child in front of a box of chocolates;
The rushing waterfalls, the endless green plains, the vibrant flowers of every color,
I wanted it all.
I turned to my left,
A vision in white with golden flowing hair appeared;
She was the princess of Palau.
I had never seen a woman of such beauty and grace.
Her lips parted,
My ears struggled to hear the beautiful noise coming from such a face,
But then a loud and obnoxious voice that somewhat resembled that of my mother’s became clear,
“Wake up, wake up! Quit daydreaming!”
As quickly as it came the island of Palau faded away from me,
And I was coldly struck back down to reality.
Once again my imagination had gotten the best of me,
But I still wonder; where is Palau anyway?

ParkerH said...

Rotor blades twisting, flying through the sky.
It is awesome to be so high.

I watch the ground, it zooms right by.
I love being in the sky.

Dust goes 'round, I don't want to touch the ground.
It is amazing, I want to go the speed of sound.

I will never leave, I won't need a doctor,
because right now, I am in a Blackhawk helicopter.

ashleyf said...

The bus went roaring through the street.
But my stomach didn’t feel so sweet.
Everyone excited with “HOOTS” and “HA’S,”
Yet, I could only say, BLAHHHH!
My new book bag all nice and red,
Now splattered with what looks to be dead.
Once filled with my books and pencils,
My lunch money and math utensils,
Now contains my animal crackers
And fruit-roll up stackers.
All in less than pristine condition,
I was now in a sticky situation.
Though my beautiful bag of books,
I couldn’t handle all the disgusted looks.
When arriving back at the school with anticipation,
I decided to leave my bag of regurgitation.
As I thought I had gotten away with this caper.
And my fear began to taper,
The principle asked who owned a red book bag.
My bright red face was a bright red flag.
He asked if this bag belonged to me,
I pointed and said it was Jimmy.

mattw said...

I look in your eyes
but not too long
like cloudy skies
they rain your song

My gaze is broken
i close my eyes
words unspoken
break those ties

I pull away
from your lips
the sky of gray
dulls the eclipse

A light shines through
i sheild my eyes
loud calling too
as my lost dream dies

maybe tomorrow

melissaz said...

The Essence of Pink

It all started at two
With her new sparkly shoes
And her love for dresses
She, like a girl, expresses
Now she has found the girl within
And her true secret is about to begin
Taking the world with a twirl
The color of a girl
Pale Pink
Dark Pink
Light Pink
Bright Pink
The true essence of her expression
Leaving her own lasting impression
Taking the world with a twirl
Forever pink, just as a girl

melissaz said...
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Selenam said...

I want
To change
The world
I try
To change
The world
No matter
I try
It stays
The same
Don't think
The world
Will ever
No matter
I do.

maddisonm said...

It’s a tailbone
Whether it’s big or small or just the right size
It’s tailbone

Its there for support
Everyone has one, that’s no surprise
It is just a bone of some sort

It is down by your bum
Where your spine comes to an end
For me, I took whatever did come

Yes mine is big
Heck, maybe I will start a new trend
To have a tailbone as long as a twig

So whether it’s big or small or just the right size
A tail bone is a tailbone
Even if mine is oversized

catem said...

The Forest of Friends

In the shadows large and small,
In the silence whispers call,
A rustle here, a crack there,
Secrets of old ready to be shared.

Entangled arms stretched so far,
Her knotty eyes gaze down like a star,
How to approach a creature so great
When I am the ripe age of eight?

Finally I speak,
Sounding naive and meek,
Then I wait for some time,
But she’s still as silent as a mime.

Pocahontas never had this bind,
Her tree was well mannered and kind,
Perhaps a willow rather than this oak,
Or maybe she’s just playing a joke.

No matter,
I shall find a tree full of chatter,
But my quest will have to wait,
For now I’m off to a play date.

Louiseb said...

You might think it’s strange
I know that it’s gross
But my toenail is something I truly hold close
My toenail is something I’d never exchange
It came off last year
And we simply couldn’t part
It holds a meaningful place in my heart
If it ever left me I might shed a tear
People keep things that don’t strike you as funny
When you lose a tooth
You keep it for money
When you break a bone
You keep the cast
So why is weird to have a toenail from the past?
A nail is as much a part of you as an eye or your nose
My toenails not that odd as far as it goes
Anyone could have a weird object....who knows?

alexf said...
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alexf said...
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amandah said...

Waiting, watching.
sitting, quietly.
I see him
I watch him play
I watch as he plays
going from room to room
sitting on the furniture
Taking the character from place to place
I watch as he plays with my doll house.
I sit watching my brother
and I laugh

alexf said...

The meadows were green
The skies were blue
The rivers were clean
Such a wonderful view

Our whole town was happy
Not one tear fell down
‘Till all turned out crappy
When he got his crown

We didn’t want him up there
He shouldn’t get the power
We were so unaware
Of what would happen that hour.

To the seas he would send us
Not one vote was cast
We couldn’t make a fuss
It all happened too fast.

Us it had swallowed
Like a current it came
The animals all followed
A myth it became.

We lived in the sea
With the sharks and the fish
We would never be free
It was merely a wish.

What became of the town?
What became of the folk?
It was if they would drown
This must be a joke!

These people are real
Though they are worn
It sounds so surreal
The place I was born.

Atlantis is real
Atlantis is here
We must not conceal
We must persevere

kristinah said...

born with a limb in disarray
With hopes to run some day
The walking, in a way,
would be a great distress
My life would be less
no more than a mess
Weird looks
I might even be in books
On the front page
Not in the nooks
Even with this foot
I could still be a ruler (a foot long Ha Ha He He :-)

mitchs said...

I am allergic to vanilla
It really is a problem
At birthday parties,
I can't eat any cake.
I can't have any ice cream.
I can't enjoy the sweeter side of life.

When I eat a cupcake,
It really isn't pleasant
My nose starts running,
and I get a big red rash.

When I eat the foods that
Make you feel warm and fuzzy,
They leave me feeling
Sick and Green

nilec said...

but not really a secret at all,
just a place i go,
maybe not a place i enjoy,
but a place i go,
probably not my favorite place,
but a place i go a lot,
a place i would rather not speak of,
but a place i go,
a place i hope to never go to again,
a place i could do without.

SerenaL said...

Little, running,
Yapping things
Oh how much
I’d love to kick it
This fear that
Subsides inside of me
Prevents days spent outside.
Yet all around
Run little
Yapping things
That haunt my dreams
Oh how much
I’d love to kick it.
Small, loud
And rather annoying
Yet teeth so vicious
I’m paralyzed.
If only I had the strength
And I would kick
The little
Running, yapping thing
So I would no longer
Be in such demise.

Laurenc said...

I was sitting by the ice
watching the game
It felt so nice
to witness their fame

As the puck flew by
and the sticks did collide
I could not turn an eye
I was in for the ride

When who did I see
But my idol Pierre
A team president was he
and he had such nice hair!

As the evening went on
we sat done for dinner
my mind it was gone
and I felt like a winner!

For dinner he made me
Macaroni and cheese
I was so surprised
but I ate it with ease

I won't soon forget
that wonderful day
and I must admit
I have nothing more to say

MollyS said...

I am afraid of the dark
I can admit it

As a small child,
My father named my new bedroom light
Sir Frances John Terrington Mariah McLark
To help me remember he was there to fight
And always conquer over the loosing dark.

As I aged,
Stuck to my walls, geometric green auras were quick to gleam
It was mother who bought me neon glowing stars
But still, it was the dark haunting me
Even more than my fear of SARS.

Years later,
I learned nothing was ever hiding in the closet
Those shadows weren’t mysterious creatures,
but just like a bank deposit,
They are just made of unique features.

Now I sit,
Ashamed of my petty fright
What a childish thing to dread
For now, when it is time for bed
The room is black, that is, except for a small corner night light

DawnielleN said...

Dear God, did you pick my name?
My terrible title, who is to blame?

The name the haunts me in every hour,
The name that lacks beauty and power.

The name that would cause others to gasp,
The name that I’m cursed with for present and past.

The name that only my parents can know,
The name I swore I never would show.

Dear God, did you pick my name?

whitneys said...

Letting Go

it was spring when we met,
we grew like the flowers,
we were the harmonies in the birds song.

spring melted into summer,
our laughter was the sounds of the pool,
the stars in the night sky our secrets.

summer was swept away by fall,
the cold winds quieted but did not stop our laughter,
you turned brown,
ready to join the others on the ground.

winter covered fall with whiteness,
you wanted to be comforted by the warmth of the earth,
but I wouldn’t let you fall.
I couldn’t let you go.

macm said...

Out in a world with no place to call home
Taken in by a family that wasn't my own
They raised me to be the person I am
I would like to repay that debt if I can
Yet I wonder what the other me would have been
The things that I'd say, the things that I'd seen
That woman whose face I shall never see
All of the things I shall never be
But there was no loss, only curiosity
About the woman whose face I never did see

alexd said...

I am four and scared
The water twirls around me
Nowhere to go
Not knowing which way is up or down
My lungs breathe
But there is no air
Water fills them
Then just when I know I can’t stand much more
Someone pulls me out
Then everything goes black
And I am four and scared

Javonm said...

What goes around comes around...?
Why did I "used" to pee in the pool,
Why don't I still, I'll let you know,
I used to be a mean young fool,
I used to love to pee in the pool,
"Eww!! He peed," I would laugh and say,
My mom said stop lying it will come back and bite you some day,
So I eahrd if you peed the water'd turn red and I didn't believe it,
So I started to pee in the pool and now I could see it!,
The water was red along with my face,
Kids laughed and i was in disgrace,
So when your taught what goes around comes around in school,
It was all becuase I was a mean young fool.

beckyg said...

A premonition foresees for some,
What it holds is forthcoming,
Approaching at night when my mind is numb,
Is insight about was is becoming,
An important event,
I now have content.

The dream of my actions,
Will hold through,
Despite my reactions,
Or my view of whether it’s true.
The significant occurrence,
Will happen without deterrence.

alyssas said...

The girly handwriting spells it out,
A secret that no one knows about.
She sees him everyday,
Wondering if he'll ever feel that way,
Wondering if he would want to be with her,
Wondering if they could ever be together.
But only if she knew,
He has that feeling too.
The secret she refuses to tell,
Is the same he keeps as well,
But they will never know of each others' secret,
Because neither has the courage to admit it.

KatherineM said...

Not long ago,
it all was bliss.
But now that happiness seems only like
a far off dream,
a fantasy,
an illusion.
You came into my life and then left
in what seemed like a blink of an eye.
And the worst part is
you're not even fight to keep me.

Liap said...

The day begins like any other
As I wake up I flip on the TV

I see a familiar face.
It intrigues me.

I am ashamed because I know
That I'm not the normal viewer of this show.

He is put on the air for kids to watch,
But who says I can't watch the little ardvark?

The reminder of my childhood
Makes it worth the trouble.

As long as no one finds out,
I'll keep enjoying whatever I want.

clarao said...

They don't understand
The kind of kid I am.
I'm really a rebel
But they think I'm an angel

My parents can trust me
Or so they think
But the truth is I'm different
By more than a wink

I want to get caught
So it will show
I'm not a good kid
I want them to know

It's my little secret
For now just I see
But I want them to learn
They way I can be.

NickB said...


Written by Nick Broady

Snoozing through class with nothing to do

Getting so board, with no gum to chew

So what do I do with my unemployed time?

No I don’t steal, for that is a crime.

Instead I softly open my sack

In the 33rd pocket of my backpack.

There in that small, hideaway stash

Is something that may look just like trash.

But trash it is not, at least not to me

For its nutritious, as you will soon see.

Its paperclips! All colors so clean.

A high source of iron, ‘specially the green!

If people found out, they’d think me so weird

But hey, at least I do not have a beard.

Not only in class does the chewing take place

But also in track, while running a race!

But if I run out (heaven forbid)

Watch out! because my mood might just skid.

kristenw said...

My dreams they're ruined
What have I done
I wished to be president
But those thoughts are down the drain
I never knew What I did would ruin my chances at success
Oh my, Oh my
What have I done

stephenf said...

“Why am I this way?”

Morning rises with the sun shining out,
A baby lies in a crib,

It can’t seem to sleep it just lays there and pouts,
Then he barfs on his bib.

The boy is an odd ball,
But nobody cares.

He sits standing tall,
While his left eye just stares.

He grows and he grows,
But still there’s no change.

This poor boy you see,
Well can’t see so swell.

BrianC said...

By Brian Cheney

How many times I've done this thing.
Clean the board, clean the floor.
Every little, imperfect, non-important thing.
Clean the wall, clean the hall.
I'm never happy with all the unclean things.
Clean the water, clean the shower.
Even when I'm outside doing nothing.
Clean the tree, clean the weeds.
In my sleep, I dream of those things.
Clean the Sheets, clean the streets.
When will I stop doing this thing?
Cleaning everything.

meganu said...

I hate them all.

The way they swim in around.
The way they don't make a sound.

I hate thier fins and their scales.
They can be small or they can big as big as whales.

Everything about them grosses me out.
Whenever I see one I just scream and pout.

jordanh said...

Stealing or Learning?

I know that I should be
Encouraging my student to read
But it is hard for me
To let a student take books and let him get away with the deed

I can tell by the way he is dressed
That he must be very destressed
He probably doesn't control his looks,
But how can I let him take my library's book.

Maybe I should let it go
A mere coincidence
But I just know

I just know that craving to have to read
As a child I hid under my blankets flashlight in hand
I loved that need
To have to read

So do I let the culprit get away,
Or do I have the law to lay?

Looking back, the answer is suddenly clear:

Learning should be available to all,
So why should I punish him for taking what he needs.
I know that he will go home and learn,
So why would I punish a deed so small?

alexf said...

Wow! These poems were also amazing! I think everyone did a great job portraying what the secret was really saying. I also really felt the moods of the poem. Some secrets were hilarious and the writer encouraged that humor, while others were quite serious and the writer promoted that. Great job! I absolutely loved these poems!

nicolek said...


i loved your poem! it made me laugh really hard! You did a good job with all of the rhyming

chelseas said...

These poems were very fun to read!!! Everyone did a great job with the secrets that they were given!! Some were more difficult than others, but I think that everyone did an excellent job telling the secret in a poem!

jordanh said...

These poems, like chelsea said, were really fun to read. Some of the poems were serious like rsabey's. I love the racial split in her life and hwo that makes her "grey". Amazing job. There were also funny poems like Luckz's. His protagonist is a man who has a very serious fear of dinosaurs. Hilarious, yet taken seriously. Amazing.

caitlina said...

There are some pretty deep poems here, with some interesting topics.
I have enjoyed reading them, then trying to guess the secret behind the poem.
THey have been enjoyable, entertaining and very thoughtful to read.

morganw said...

Wow. Everybody did a great job on these. They were alot of fun to read, trying to figure out the secret and all. Some of them were really really deep too. I love poetry and trying to figure out the author's meaning behind the writing, there's so much context to learn!