Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Dalai Lama Vs. Emmanuel Goldstein

For those of you who have started 1984 and read about the absolute enemy of Big Brother, Emmanuel Goldstein, I would like you to read the following article (it is a bit long) from Time Magazine about the Dalai Lama.,8599,1723922,00.html

I found it interesting in the fist few paragraphs when the author mentioned the recent protests in Lhasa and the reported 99 dead that the Chinese government said were actually 13 "innocents" killed. This connected a lot to the changing of information in the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Also the picture painted of the Dalai Lama reminds me in a few ways of Emmanuel Goldstein, former top member of the Party who broke away and formed "The Brotherhood" to bring down Big Brother. The Dalai Lama lacks the violent tendencies of Goldstein but relates to him nonetheless. Here is a Wikipedia article about Goldstein that I also found interesting that explains some of the people who he could have been based off of:

I know it's spring break, but I thought those of you who have started reading might find these articles interesting.

Have a great break! (Even though Big Brother is watching!)

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