Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday November 14, Period 2

Today in class Ms. Smith told us about alligators and sugar science experiments, we MySpace'd, did some work on our Chosen projects, and did more This I Believe essay editing.

1. Emma is a newly discovered scientist, and met some science guy that Ms. Smith was very excited about.

2. For our last SAT project of the semester we made MySpaces (MySpace is one word... haha) for well known literary characters (like Harry Potter or Guy Montag) Kristen Nicole's and mine was very good. Our Faber looked a bit like this guy here^^^^^
The final SAT quiz will be on Friday, along with our...

3. The Chosen projects. We had time to work on them today, and we will have have most of tomorrow to do them as well. Remember, they must be about 5 minutes long and teach the class about your topic, and give good background for the book. The presentations should be fun and not lectures because I will be very bored if you do a lecture, so lets make them fun and give away candy! Or cookies... yes, cookies. Remember that your group can try using GoogleDocs (the sign-in is your blogger stuff) or just be more productive than my group and actually finish (or even start for that matter) your project in class...

4. Lastly, your TIP essays are due... I don't know when actually, but not that long from now, I actually just checked and they are due, podcasted, submitted and all by Monday. Remember when you are reading them to practice and read slowly, but not-monotoney, that would be boring.

Good Luck!!
America's Next Top Model is on tonight, so is Gossip Girl
have fun with it... :)


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