Friday, November 16, 2007

Here I am, the third scribe for 5th Period Honors!

So, I do know how fifth period got three scribes, but hey, who cares? More information and reminders for the class right?

The second half of the class is what I'm scribing so here it is:

Matt, Matt, Mitch, and Tyler presented their powerpoint on Orthodox Jews. In it, they talked about the background, principles and more. Here are a few bullets for those who didn't take any notes (just in case)
  • There are two types of Torah, the written (Pentateuch), and the oral (Halacha)
  • Orthodox Jews consider themselves authentic
  • Hirsch is the founder
  • Two principles are: God is ruler of all things, God is one, and all laws developed by God were given to Moses

Then, Katy, Rya, Ryan, Keke, and Lauren did their presentation on Europe in the 40's and 50's and here are a few notes from their powerpoint:


  • Adolph Hitler
  • Largest invasions, D-day in France
  • Hitler committed suicide and Germany surrendered

Life in 50s

  • Mass suburban environment
  • Entertainment revolutionized
  • TV!!!
  • Movies focused more on teenage audiences

After that, Becky, Parker, Stefan, Melissa, and Mac presented their powerpoint on Zionism:

  • Zionism comes from the hill Zion
  • Founded by Theodor Herzl
  • Zionist war on Nazi Germany
  • Some presidents were
    Theodor Herzl
    David Wolfsan
    Otto Warburg
  • (Last one) was Nahum Golden

And that was it for the period today! Well done for those people who went today! Hannah, I'm sorry that you dressed up like a man for nothing but I'm sure you're presentation will be great on Monday!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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