Monday, November 12, 2007

The best day ever in English 9 honors!!!!!!!

Well, first we discussed how to create our awesome "this I beleive" speeches and learned how to save and post them!
As I'm listening at this precise moment, we are discussing on format and how to make our speeches, here's the list:
Not normal font
Serious but funny
Meaningful points
Can be about anything!
Personal expiriences
Then, we even got to listen to Zoe's essay!

Tips for writing the essizzle:
Make sure you're telling a story (be breif)
Name the belief (focus on a core idea, be positive)
Be personal (stick with the ways normal to you)

Think about qualities that make a good essay.

Now we are working on our essays, the hustling and murmuring of the class crecsendos the decrescendos until it hits a soft piano.

Then, everyone stops talking and all you can hear is the tapping on keyboards.
Ms. Smith temporarily leaves the room, I consider trying to start a party but the idea fades almost as soon as it came in.

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