Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scribe for period five!!!

Well hello everyone!!!

Today, sadly Ms. Smith was not here :(… but Ms. Moritz was our sub:)!!!! To start of the class period we jumped right into a class discussion about chapter 7 of The Chosen. We began by summarizing the chapter, here are my notes…

Talked about Reuven’s dream-- he dreamed about eyes
Danny and Reuven are “officially” friends
In this chapter there is a “changing moment”
We see Danny’s world and the strength of Danny and Reuven’s friendship

We then moved into briefly talking about the Synagogues
Reuven’s- In the place of where a store was
Danny’s-crowed with men and women
Danny’s family lived above
Curtained off women
Walking to the synagogue was a very vivid scene- can be related to parting of the Red Seas- Reuven is amazed by Danny’s “power”
The two men ask for Danny’s advise-- think about Ms. Smith and Mrs. Moritz coming up to us and asking us to “solve” their problems
Why doesn’t he take advantage to this??
Danny’s personality is in a way confusing- he has a high thinking mind
It almost seems Danny has a guilty concisions
He is an honest person

And of course how could we not talk about Danny and his father!!!
Little brother has a blood disease- very sick
Reb is very confident
He seems to be almost the “Jewish God Father,” as I believe Matt Wood said
When Reb walked in the reader was given almost this “here comes the bride,” type image
When he comes to Reuven- first thing he says is you “are David Malter’s son?”
Reb does not agree with what David Malter writes, however there still seems to be that level of respect with Reb and Malter
Reb is direct and stern
Reuven is nervous around him
Reb gives service about Tohraà life is not complete if you don’t read the Tohra
During the service Reuven notices Danny completely changeà Reb makes a mistake and when Danny picks up on it he starts to relax and grin
When Danny smiles Reuven sees the smile that he saw from Danny when he was on home plate when he wanted to kill him. You can see this issue between Reb and Danny. Reb is like ‘I will make it a hard mistake to find’, and Danny is like ‘oh no I’m going to find the mistake’, it is a competition
It seems with all this competition Reb does not really support and honor his son
Reb knows that Danny must be strong, and he is pushing him to bring that
Then Reb turns focus on Reuven
Reuven explains error- Reb then says ‘good job’- and ‘he, referring to Reuven, is good at mathematics’- and ‘good thing my son has chosen him as his friend’ (connection to the title The Chosen)
Talked about how we feel around parents that are uptight and strict
We can all relate to the way Reuven feels around Reb

Wrapping up our discussion, we finished with the ending of chapter 7…
Danny is going to library and Reuven is just going there to think
When do we every have time to think??!! It would be nice to just have some time to think!!!

Random notes…
Nu- term like son or father
Ms. Moritz read a passage—Reb Saunders has had a horrible, tragic life that has helped him develop his personality

For the last, say five minutes of class we talked about, well we talked just about what ever came to our heads I guess:).

Oh, and don’t forget, Ms. Moritz likes fudge brownies and Ms. Smith would like a holiday gift!!!

The homework is to read chapter 8 and to work on the relationship trace.

Thanks for subbing Ms. Moritz, it was fun to have you!!

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