Monday, November 26, 2007

Alyssa's Scribe for 11.26.07

At the beginning of class, it was the same question we heard in every class- "How was your Thanksgiving?". Most everybody gave the same answer we heard in every class- "Good." Except for Molly of course, who ellaborated and told us the major events of her Thanksgiving. Haha. We then checked to make sure that all of our TIB essays and podcasts were in Ms. Smith's dropbox (Nothing too exciting).
We moved onto The Chosen at that point...
Ms. Smith introduced our next major project. We must make a relationship trace showing the relationships between Reb, David, Reuven, and Danny. The one she used as an example kind of looked like an outline web that you would use to compose an essay. Each of the different characters had their own bubble and there were arrows connecting the all four of the characters to each other, which is where we are supposed to show their relationships. As on all of our projects, Ms. Smith told us to be as creative as possible and impress her with your work. We were allowed to work in groups of four on the quiz over chapters 1-4. If you didn't read all of that, make sure you do that and read chapter 5 tonight so the quiz tomorrow on chapter 5 won't be all that hard. The quizzes were just like any other literature quiz we've taken in English this year- about one page and questions relating the characters to each other and noticing symbolism. The quiz took a while but once everybody had completed that, we all sat and had a big class discussion about the first book. We mostly talked about the differences of the relationships between Danny and Reb, and Reuven and David, the personalities of the different characters so far in the book (everybody seems to adore Billy!), and the symbolism already given in the book. That's about all that happened. So for homework tonight:
Read chapter 5, compare/contrast project, and the relationship trace due Dec. 4

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