Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From religion to family

Scribe for November 19, 2007

The day started with the class receiving their MAPS testing scores. I personally have never felt that test scores showed very much but apparently the district does.
We were assigned our Venn diagram for The Chosen. We had an amazing example on the board filled with Mrs. Smith’s amazing drawings.
The class continued on with the final presentations that we didn’t manage to get to on Friday. The presentation on Chaim Potok was very education with the three presenters dressing and acting as Chaim himself. The presentation on Sigmund Freud was creative and made kept people entertained with Hannah Leffingwell playing Sigmund diagnosing people who are having dreams about her…. him.
We went on to talk about relationships with parents what our role is in our familes. There were many interesting points that came out in the discussion. As usually it was another amazing day in honors English.

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morgant said...

Well, thank you very much. I thought it was quite entertaining myself! (I was a distraught patient)