Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday November 20th

Today's on a thursday schedule because today is the last day of school before thanksgiving break! We all came into class and shouted hello to Mrs. Smith. She had assigned a project over Thanksgiving break but she took pity on us and reassigned the Venn Diagram to be due on Wensday. Take a note on that people. The Venn Diagram is due on Wensday. In the Venn Diagram you are comparing and contrasting Rueben and Danny. Use visuals only and try to work in something about their relationships with their fathers. But other than that most of the homework is the same. Read chapters 1-4 because there is going to be a quiz on it on Monday. This is really important. Podcasts are due Monday as well. Try really hard to get this done before Monday. Remeber to sign up for a time in the library and bring your student I.D. The librarian takes your I.D. and then gives you the headset. After Mrs. Smith gave us all that homework she let us read all class period and gave the option of letting people go podcast. You didn't take advantage of that, your loss. After maybe to minutes of reading, Mrs Smith shows us the 60 paged manual for the kindergardeners at her church. There was some joke about camel meat, whatever that was about. Then for the rest of the class we read. Everybody have an amazing break! Eat alot of food and try not to forget about Mrs. Smith!

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