Thursday, November 29, 2007

This I Believe Essays and Podcasts-Period 2

Alex D.
Alyssa S.
Amanda H.
Amy W.
A. Weber
Brian C.
Chelsea S.
Clara O.
Javon M.
John B.
Jose D.
Katherine M.
Kristen W.
Lia P.
Liz C.
Louise B.
Luke Z.
Maddie F.
Mark G.
Megan U.
Molly S.
Nick B.
Nicole K.
Nile C.
Phoebe F.
Rachel S.
Serena L.
Stef O.
Zach H.


stefo said...

Wow. All of these stories are really amazing. Its very eye opening for me to read all these stories.It shows that there is alot more to the people in this classroom than most people will ever understand. No one should be judged through their story because the podcasts show how different and how very human we all really are.

josed said...

I'd like to respond to Molly's TIB. I thought it was pretty good and it used interesting language. I found that the message of being yourself even if you are an oddity connected with my message of believing in that they both mean that you don't deny who you are and you don't stop believing in what makes you YOU. Anyways, I found that the essay was pretty good. Keep up the good work!

KatherineM said...

This is my favorite assignment that we have done this semester. I love how completely honest all these essays are. I agree with Stef. These essays are real eye openers. They show that we all have challenges and hard issues we have to deal with in life. I have so much admiration for everyone who is living through these tough times.

amyw said...

These essays were very absorbing, and once I started reading them I just couldn't stop! Everyone was so candid and honest about their real-life experiences. This was cool to see this honesty from everyone in our class. I liked this assignment a lot and actually enjoyed it very much. It's eye-opening to see that the people around you have gone through this much and have remained strong through it all. Even though I don't know everyone in our class well, I feel like I know them a little more after reading these essays.

nicolek said...

I loved this assignment! I had so much fun listening and reading everyones eassays and they all hit me on a personal level. I could relate to each story and got something new about everyones. You can tell there is a person behind each one and that they really meant everything that they said. The podcasts were very powerful and just hearing the way people read their essays added so much too it! I really enjoyed reading and lisening to them

amandah said...

A lot of these podcasts are very touching. They make you see how much you take for granted and how much you appreciate your family, friends, life, and your health. It was really nice to hear the author's voices because it allows you to hear how they feel and adds to the effect of the essays.

meganu said...

Wow these podcasts have changed the way I look at the people in my class. No, im not judging them and what has happened in their past; I respect what they have gone through. This project was so much fun! I found it easy to write my essay because it was about my personal experiences but it was really hard to keep the essay under 500 words. I think hearing the podcasts added an extra something to each individual essay.

maddief said...

I agree with you, Amy, I feel like after listening to the podcasts that I'm a lot more connected to everyone in the class. It just makes you aware that there are pains and troubles in lives other than your own. These essays have really brought us together as a class, and it's important to remember each other outside of the classroom.

SerenaL said...

All the essays I have listened to were very touching. I have heard stories of bad things happening to a friend of a friend, but it is always different when the person in the experience tells it in their own words. I have suffered and had many problems through out my life and it is nice to know that I am not alone. It is also nice to know that there are people who have had good experiences and learned from them. A lot of the time I am so focused on the bad things in my life, I forget the good. These essays taught me that it is important to think of the good things as well.

markg said...

Ahha! Podcasts, yes, they get the very best of everyone. Between stuttering, Dad's yelling for their children in the background, or the sandy dry voices forcing out words, these Podcasts are one of a kind. My favorite has to be Nile's. I think that he should go into Radio. And maybe molly, but mostly Nile. I'm pretty sure that everyone was freaking out about getting their Podcast done but once we got the motivation to do it it took us literally two minutes. A fun project but a nerve racking one!