Friday, November 16, 2007

Brian's Scribe for 11/16/07 period 2

Yay! It's Friday! Well, today in class we watched The Chosen background presentations. Since I can't figure out how to add a link to a document onto blogger and the help page doen't tell you, I've just put the notes to from the presentations below. Just copy and past them onto a word document and save to your computer to review them later. Also, remember that your This I Believe Essays need to be submitted by the 19th (that's Monday) and the podcasts must be submitted by the 26th (the Monday after that). finaly the 10th SAT quiz is a take-home quiz so don't forget.

Notes from The Chosen presentations

Hasidic Jews
Originated in Eastern Europe
Creator Israel ben Eliezer
Beliefs-omnipresence of God, Communion with God
Communion achieved through concentration, prayer
Tish-Hasidic holiday, centered around rabbi, like a community gathering
Observe Sabbath as day of rest
Marriages arranged by a matchmaker
Family has mother and father and about 8 kids
Dress-Men-black suits, black shoes, and white shirts, black hats on weekdays, no wristwatches, don’t shave face, most shave head
Women-long skirts to elbow and knee, no red or loud colors, married women cover head.

New York 1940s-1950s
Inventions-TV, TV dinners, Tupperware, penicillin, LEGO, Barbie, Paper mate ballpoint pen, corvette, Chevrolet, tin foil
Antarctica a continent
17 amendment
Food ration
No cars during war
FDR died
Judy Garland
I love Lucy, superman
Walt Disney
Pearl Harbor
United Nations HQ
Became worlds art center after Paris destroyed
Abstract expression new art form
Fashion-sophisticated suits and dresses, formal

National movement of Jew to homeland
Resurgence of anti-Jewish feelings pushed Jews to homeland
Political Zionism-states that it’s a political movement
Took it to United Nations
World Zionist organization founded by Herzi, helped run Israel from start
Herzi wrote the Ghetto
Zion = Israel
Zionist believe in Jewish customs and documents
Dream is to have Jewish back in Israel
Christian Zionism- belief that it’s a biblical prophecy that they should go back to Israel

Europe in the 1940s to 1950s
Dominated by World War 2
United Nations formed after war
Holocaust killed 6 million Jews and 3 million other “non-perfect” races
Cold War from 1945-1991 between Soviet Union and U.S.

Chaim Potok
Son of immigrants
Chaim Potok studied Jewish literature
Ordained as conservative Jewish rabbi at 23
Joined us army as Chaplin
Returned after serving in Korea
Married Adana
Moved to Israel to study
Moved back to Pennsylvania to become editor in chief for newspaper
Wrote the Chosen
Chaim died of a brain tumor 5 years ago

Sigmond Freud
“The Father of Psychoanalysis”
Born in Czech Republic
Raised Jewish
Smart and brighter than siblings
Moved to Austria to go to high school
University of Vienna to study medical sciences
Joseph Breuer mentor
Tried to find eel organs
Was fascinated in blood and gore
Hard life, smoked obsessively
Had many phobias
Committed suicide because thought life was
Believed in talking heals any problem “the Talking Cure”
Was psychologist and neurologist
Believed that dreams showed true desires
Came up with Theory of Repression, act of repressing memories was subconscious
Many people believe he wasn’t a real scientist
Wrote books about subconscious mind and a lot about

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