Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007
Period 2

Today in English we started by going over the upcoming homework...

Relationship trace (Due December 4)
Venn-diagram (Due Wednesday)
Read through Chapter 5 in The Chosen

Introduction to relationship trait
Visually create relationships with Danny, David, Reb, and Reuven using arrows Describe relationships; feelings; examples for each arrow (or relationship)
Also do this with your own life (3 significant relationships)
You can use anything from what we have read

Next we checked to be sure that everyone had turned their TIB podcast into the dropbox.

Then we had our first test over the first 4 chapters of "The Chosen". We worked in groups of four to fill out the test. There were questions where we had to describe the relationships between several different people, we had to analyze symbols shown in the book, and we also had to remember facts about Jewish Traditions and customs.

We finished class by having a discussion about the book so far. We talked a lot about the relationship between Danny and Reuven and how quickly it has changed. We also talked about our predictions for what would happed in book 2. All in all it was a nice quiet day in 2nd period English.

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