Friday, November 30, 2007

>GASP< period five....

Today started with; "Hello class. Hello Ms. Smith!" Wow. Original. Didn't see that coming. We got these pink sheets with lots of writing on it. You should buy A whole New Mind because if you don't, you'll embarrass us all in front of Mr. Pink. Don't worry though. You only need it by February. We're talking about chapter eight of The Chosen right now. Apparently Ms. Smith can sit on the tables, but not us. We talked about what ladies shouldn't do, namely swear or smoke. Bad things. We apparently are going to read chapters nine and ten. Has anyone noticed how Ms. Smith always has either a pink green or blue water bottle?

Here's a really cool picture.

Is it WATER, or is it FIRE?
... we may never know...

Apparently chapters 9 and 10 are short. How quaint. Oh, you have to give the pink sheet back with a signature by email or hand. Hm... Lauren's gone. Sad day. I have a picture of a sumo wrestler on my shirt. VERY COOL.

Now we're reading chapters 9-10 silently. Mac's making weird faces. Almost fish-like. The chalk-board says that to listen to music in this class, you have to have it on a CD. Dawnielle is laughing with Leslie... again. Everybody else is doing what they should. The relationship trace is due December 4... and DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!!!

Everybody should should look up polar bear on treadmill on Youtube. It's like third grade humor, but you KNOW WHAT, I think it's pretty darn funny.

The relationship trace that's due on 12-14 is important, and if you plan on doing it by computer, start soon, because those circles are tricky little buggers.... REMEMBER: you need to have one for Danny, Reuven, David, and Reb, as well as one for your own relationships. Take quotes, phrases and pictures from the book and your life into it.
Ever notice how cool the number 5 is? It's so much better than "2".

OH, oh! here's a funny joke:

DANNY: Hi Jake. It's a nice Febuary day isn't it?
JAKE: Actually Danny, it's a nice February day. With an "R".
DANNY: Oh, well aren't you smart.
JAKE: I am.
DANNY: Yeah right.
JAKE: (now yelling) HEY! I'm smart and you know it!
DANNY: OK! Fine! Wow, you sure got mad. Your face is red like a strawbrerry!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was funny Matt, you're hysterical.

I love the snow. It's nice, cold, fluffy and white!!! Snowboarding is frickin' awesome. If you CAN snowboard, then SNOWBOARD!!!!!! (I guess you could ski too...)

I will end with "good bye" in six different languages:
See ya!
Bon Voyage!
Au revoir!
Ni zaijian!
c u l8er.


mattw said...

By the way, the labels should be period five, 11-30-07

jordanh said...

wow, you are random!

mattw said...

that was seven good byes wasn't it...?

DawnielleN said...

UGGGHHH I was reading the whole time!!


morganw said...

I believe it was actually 8 good-bys. Very nicely done. And you are random. Excurtiatingly random.

Laurenc said...

Hey you realized I existed! Yay! Very interesting post Matt. I love your randomness with the passion of a thousand crazy llama's ^_^