Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scribe for period 2 Thursday, November 28 2007 by Kristen Wieber

Today in Mrs. Smith's 2 period honors English 9 class,

We mainly just discussed chapter 7 of "The Chosen." In doing this we got on to a long topic of how religions have been changed and split to become the many religions of today. Just a side note, a class to class connection, this reminds me of evolution because organisms were changed over time and became all the animals of today. Anyway one of the religions we talked about was Scientology and it's history and beliefs. I had never heard of this religion so it was interesting to hear about. I learned that this religion was the religion that Madonna was. I also learned that one of this religions beliefs is that there are aliens controlling everything we do in this world like were there dolls or something. Another subject of our discussion was about Reb and why he went into such depth with his speech about why Jews should read the Torah and about the difference (in mathematics) between different religions. Other than these subject we just answered any questions or comments anybody had about the chapter. Then we were able to read to ourselves for the rest of the period. Then the bell rang and we went to our next class. The End.

-Kristen Wieber

p.s. for homework we had to work on our character trace and read chapter 8

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