Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello period 5, English Excitment

Hey everybody!
Another amazing day in English 9 Honors fifth hour. We started off with the usual. We said hello, and found out what we would do today. We began with the enlightening creation of myspace pages using this weeks vocab about one of the characters we have read about. Can you believe this is our last vocab packet? In my group, we did Lady Macbeth and, I must admit, it was pretty good. With lines like, "My husband and I are very compatible despite our many confrontations,"it had to be good.
After the amazing myspace we smoothly transitioned into editing eachothers TIB papers one more time. Way to go everybody on fabulous papers. We can now submit our purple sparkly blueberry scented papers (I really think it gives it a little something extra).
The Chosen Background groups got together after editing and began work on the projects. We assigned work for each member of the group to do, and hopped to it. That is just about it.
By everybody and remember, this is not education as usual.

Becky Gutknecht

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