Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fifth Block Scribe

Ok, well first off, we had our discussion circle of The Chosen, and let me just say, no I am not a nerd, I had my laptop out merely to take notes for this scribe. Um, ok well we started talking about how the book appears so simple, yet has a much deeper message. (In the hospital Reuven thinks about how important life is and how much we take for granted.) Then we went on to talk about how the baseball game is so symbolic. (Within the Jews, there are different “facets within.” (If you don’t know what that means, don’t ask me…it’s what Ms. Smith said.) Also, there was a war with in a war, within a war, within a war, within… yea.) Then, we talked about the magical eye! Not really, it just makes it more interestingJ. So, there is lots of symbolism with the eye, of course! Reuven never really “saw” the world and he never would have met Danny. Then we related it to Macbeth. Next, we talked about how part of life is to suffer. When you suffer, you learn, remember, and know to pay more attention. You can think and contemplate how it’s so different after the suffering is over. “If you don’t know what suffering is, then you don’t really know happiness…like a paper cut!” Then we went into tons of stories and came out with the idea that Potok’s writing is pretty simple. In other words, he doesn’t say everything which makes you relate to the character and think more often. Finally, we ended with the fact that you can reread books. You get more out of it, or a new perspective. Then we ended with more stories of things I can’t recall. Sorry! Yup, the homework is:
Venn Diagram due tomorrow
Make sure you are done reading chapter six of The Chosen.
Relationship trace due next Tuesday (12/4/07)

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