Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2nd Half Of Hour 5

Hey Guys! Well, Kristina H. is doing the first part of class, so I'm doing the second part! Here goes:

Well, first, we edited our second This I Believe essay. I really enjoyed reading the two I read! Then, Ms. Smith introduced to us our background project on The Chosen. Remember, we are teaching our subjects to the class, not just reading off the PPT! We also went over out specific requirements so pay attention to those.

Ms. Smith also told us about www.docs.google.com. That is where you can begin your presentations under new presentation, and also even work on them at the same time! So, use that to your advantage.

Lastly, we formed groups of five and planned out who would do what. I hope you all got a good head start on it!

That's all for now!
Morgan T =]

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