Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another busy day in period five english honors!!!

Today was a very interesting day as always in english honors. We started out with the traditional "Hello Everybody!!" "Hello Ms.Smith" Then we went into the discussion of our homework and what we were going to do that day. Don't forget to revise your TIB essays and get those podcasts done early. You can even do them at home!!! No way! OMGosh. Also you need to have submitted your essay by Monday and bring in the signed submission form to Ms.Smith!!

Your essays should have these things:
2)No preaching
3)Tell a story
4)Tell about your experience
6)Explain / state a belief
7)We/us??? no about you
8)Not a normal format

Give it a little something extra, make it pretty, blueberry scented with sparkles and everything like in legally blonde!! Just Joking!

Next we did musical laptop peer editing! One of the funnest games in the whole world!

Well, since I split the scribing with Morgan I am finish with the first half of class so you will have to hold on to the keyboard until she posts hers and then you can read in great enjoyment what happened the rest of the class period.

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