Monday, November 26, 2007

"Hello everybody!" - "Hello Hannah (Period 5 scribe)!"

We started off our day with a discussion on thanksgiving meat. To eat turkey or not to eat turkey, that is the question! Ms. Smith informed us that lamb is an excellent choice! After that, we got back on topic and discussed our homework...


  • Relationship trace (Due December 4)
  • Venn-diagram (Due Wednesday)
  • Read Chapter 5 (which is very short!)

We then checked to make sure that the "This I Believe" podcasts and essays were in Ms. Smith’s drop box. Everybody seemed to be on track.

Introduction to relationship trait

  • Visually create relationships with Danny, David, Reb, and Reuven using arrows
  • Relationship; feelings; examples for each arrow (or relationship)
  • Do this with your own life as well (3 significant relationships)
  • You can use Book 1 and Book 2

We then finished the day with a very lengthy quiz (with lots and lots of writing and thinking!)

Thanks for a fun day!

P.S. For anyone who loves cooking, I made an awesome pan of fudge this weekend and the recipe is amazing and easy. Try it if you are bored!

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